Cultural Winners and Losers of 2019

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

As we end another year, our popular culture still revolves around President Donald Trump, and our news and entertainment conglomerates continue to be outraged that conservative Christians stick with him, so much so they are summarily ignored. Support him as, say, Franklin Graham and a vast majority of evangelicals have done and ... crickets. But what happens when evangelicals don't? Happy days are here again. Whenever a force on the cultural left flaps its wings, it is saluted. In the rare occasion that the entity advances the cultural right, it's slammed, or ignored. But that's not necessarily how America sees it, thanks to social media that has done an end run around the press and told the truth.

Fairfax County, Virginia Presents Dire Warning to America

Fletch Daniels, American Thinker

My home county of Fairfax, Virginia was once a safe suburban area with some of the best performing public schools in the nation. It's now a blinking warning sign to America as it hangs on the edge of complete disaster thanks to unchecked immigration and Democrat takeover of the government. Fairfax is our country in a microcosm. What happened here is happening all over America. If we don't reverse the trends, both at the local and national level, the long-term prognosis on America is not promising. While the battle will rage on at the local level, Virginia is lost to the Democrats at the national and soon state level. Other states aren't far behind.

A Red Wave Through the Bayou

Scott McKay, The American Spectator

Republican legislative supermajorities-to-be mean that conservatives will determine Louisiana’s future. It’s a rolling disaster for the party that formerly governed Louisiana as a political fiefdom from Reconstruction until the late 1990s, and it could be the end of the Democrat Party as a major force in state politics. Few will miss them in a state left thoroughly broken by Edwards’ misrule and a tradition, built by his Democrat predecessors, of waste, corruption, overtaxation, and incompetence at the Capitol. If Rispone can finish the job the voters began on Saturday, the Bayou State might join the rest of America in the Trump revival.

Top 10 Predictions for 2019, A Year That Will Make 2018 Look Sane

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

My general prediction is that 2019 will be even crazier than 2018! One prediction (of 10): Besides a ton of new lower court judges who will remake the federal bench, there will be a liberal SCOTUS justice leaving next year, and the left will get out their handmaid suits and go totally bonkers. Look for Trump to shrewdly pick a female Catholic (Guess who!), and look for the Democrats to be unable to control themselves and thereby alienate Catholics with ugly, bigoted attacks going into 2020. She’ll get confirmed.

What Trump must do in 'Year Three'

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

In his first two years, Mr. Trump has experienced the unprecedented wrath of the ruling class, whose power and influence he has gravely threatened. This is why in Year Three, he must concentrate his efforts to protect and advance the movement he’s leading. This is also why the rest of us mustn’t abandon the fight. That doesn’t mean we must agree with him on everything. It means we grasp what’s at stake if he fails (the return of the corrupt stranglehold of the elite ruling class) and if he succeeds (the restoration of our foundational principles). The Junior Year of the populist revolution is about to begin. Get ready to rumble.

2019: The Year of the Wokescolds

Ben Shapiro, Investor's Business Daily

Wokescolds are the new representatives of moral panic. We've seen plenty of moral panic before in the United States, from worries about violent video games, to concern about allegations of sex abuse at day care facilities. But never have we seen a moral panic of the stunning breadth of today's woke moral panic. It's a moral panic that insists we change fundamental characteristics of our society, from biology, to language, to politics, to religion, to romantic relations, to art, to comedy. The Wokescolds will certainly lose. But not before they destroy a lot of people and fray the social fabric nearly beyond repair.

Bye-bye, 2018 —The Year of Living Hatefully

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Calling 2018 The Year of Living Hatefully (or, perhaps more accurately, living in or through hate) is but the culmination of a trend that has been going on for many years. There is and has been an emptiness in American society and I am going to suggest a cause I never thought I would, not because it is unique to me -- it hardly is -- but because I have, until relatively recently, been a rather typical agnostic of my generation. It is the absence of God, augmented by the ongoing secularization of our culture largely perpetrated by that same generation (mine).

2019: The Year of the Democrat? Think Again

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Does this rejection of the GOP in 2018 portend the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, assuming he is still in office then? Not necessarily. To consider: Nancy Pelosi may want to close out her career as speaker with solid achievements, but she could face a rebellion in her party, which is looking to confront and not compromise with Trump. The national debt may be surging, but Capitol Hill progressives will be demanding “Medicare-for-all” and free college tuition. Trump-haters will be issuing reams of subpoenas and clamoring for impeachment. The diversity Democrats celebrate is one day going to pull their party apart, as the social, cultural and racial revolutions of the 1960s pulled apart the party of FDR and LBJ.

Don’t expect Trump to stop being Trump in 2019

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

The only surprise from recent events is that so many people are still surprised when Trump acts like Trump. They’d better get used to it. In fact, my prediction is that the Trump of 2019 is going to be far more feisty and disruptive than the one we have seen in his first two years in the Oval Office. Not necessarily because he wants to, though he clearly enjoys breaking the china. But because he doesn’t have much choice if he wants to survive and have a chance at re-election. Trump's dramatic decisions in recent days illustrate why he engenders so much love from some and so much hate from others.