2020 Election

Trump Will Win Bigly in 2020

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Trump's recent foreign policy successes will generate domestic opportunities. Success breeds success. Look for the Republican log jams on healthcare and taxes to break soon.  No, my eyesight isn't 2020, but I can see that year from here without my glasses.

Pence 2020? Republicans tout Trump veep after debate

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

Pence's debate performance as less reflective of a calculated strategy used to soundly defeat his opponent or boost his own presidential prospects and more as a display of the Indiana governor's most redeeming quality: his natural comfort in being himself.

Strange Bedfellows: How Trump and #NeverTrump Defeated Long Overdue Reform Of The RNC

The reality is that the Blackwell - Cuccinelli reform package had nothing to do with #NeverTrump or unbinding Trump delegates and by defeating it the Trump delegates made the Republican National Committee and the state party organizations considerably less democratic, open and transparent and made the rise of another populist candidate like Trump that much more difficult – if not impossible.

Ted Cruz Continues To Lay The Groundwork For A Future Run With A Pre-Convention Meeting

Susan Wright, RedState

While Cruz may not be the nominee this year, he’s doing the smart thing by keeping those doors open with leaders in a position to promote him positively in 4 years.