2nd Amendment

MAGA Coalition Launches Grassroots Political Operation

The MAGA Coalition mission statement says it will reach out to everyday Americans and build an unprecedented model of grassroots activism. If they succeed, and we hope they do, no longer will we have to stand by and let the entrenched powers that be in the establishment dictate our future with apathy and inaction.

Gallup: Only 2% of Americans Name 'Guns/Gun Control' Among Nation's Most Important Problems in 2015

Susan Jones, CNS News

As President Obama prepares to announce new executive actions on gun control Monday, a newly released Gallup Poll shows that "guns/gun control" ranked near the bottom of Americans' most pressing concerns in 2015. In fact, guns/gun control ranked 19th out of 23 top problems facing the country last year.

Justice Thomas: Second Amendment Is Not a ‘Second-Class Right’

Josh Blackman, National Review

“Second Amendment rights are no less protected by our Constitution than other rights enumerated in that document” and that he found the Court’s unwillingness to defend the Second Amendment “difficult to account” for in light of the fact that it often reviews other violations of cases concerning the First, Fourth, and Eighth amendments.

Jeb Bush Says He Is Okay Taking Away Guns Without Due Process

Erick Erickson, Erickontheradio.com

The second amendment is a personal right and Bush would be willing to curtail that right without a due process hearing. That would be a pretty big incursion against our second amendment liberties. Denying someone the right to purchase a gun without due process is a really big deal.

Donald Trump says concealed carry permit holders 'Have an obligation to carry'

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump says the 13 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States have an obligation to carry, “but we must do it in such a way as to raise serious doubts in the minds of those who might be considering violence in America.”

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Gather At NRA Meeting

Tim Ghianni, Reuters

"They vote. They talk to their friends. They organize. They make sure their friends know who is protecting gun rights and who is not," Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler said of NRA members. "We hope they will help get the vote out for Ted Cruz."

Christie Vetoes Bill Limiting Ammo Limits

Matt Friedman, The Star-Ledger

Gov. Chris Christie today vetoed a gun control bill that would have reduced the permitted size of ammunition magazines, saying it would do nothing to reduce gun violence.

2nd Vote – A New Tool For Conservatives

In a majority center-right nation, why do big companies donate large sums of money to organizations that advocate far-left policies? The answer is simple.  Conservatives have not held their dollars accountable when they shop, and 2nd Vote is the solution. 

Man Arrested for Gun Despite Permit

The Right Scoop Staff

A man’s career is in jeopardy after he was unjustly arrested for carrying and a permitted gun.

Left Attacks Conservative Woman

Star Parker, WND

NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte has drawn relentless liberal fire since casting her principled pro-gun vote.