A Time For Choosing

Start Your Day With Ronald Reagan’s Historic ‘A Time For Choosing’ Speech

David Hookstead, Daily Caller

The legendary speech was a given on October 27, 1964, and the most famous portion of the speech is when Reagan speaks about the need for America to confront its enemies no matter what the cost is to preserve freedom.

The Real Impact of Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” Speech

“The Speech” established Ronald Reagan’s political brand as the preeminent communicator of conservative ideas, and as CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie observed in TAKEOVER, in some sense, for the next twenty-five years Reagan never deviated from that script.

Reagan’s ‘A Time For Choosing’ Still Relevant

Brent Moody, The Federalist

Fifty years ago today, Ronald Reagan gave us famous “A Time For Choosing” speech. The principles he laid out are equally, or perhaps more, relevant today.