Aaron Alexis

Gun Laws No Deterrent for Shooting

Rasmussen Reports Staff

Just 33% of Americans believe it’s at least somewhat likely that stricter gun control laws would have prevented the mass Navy Yard shooting, according to a new survey. 

52 Felons Gained Access to Bases

Breitbart News Staff

A new Inspector Gen. report reveals that convicted felons have gained access to US military facilities on a regular basis. It states that, "the problems in vetting contractors were related to budget cuts."

DC Shooter Loved Violent Games

Nick Allen, The Telegraph

Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis' addiction to violent video games and guns was at odds with his devout commitment to Buddhism.

The Navy Yard Shootings: The Surveillance State Fails Again

Rather than start with the premise that Americans need less freedom to be safe, if President Obama and Senator Diane Feinstein really plan on “investigating thoroughly” what happened at the Navy Yard, they should start by admitting that while the government is looking at everything and everyone it is apparently seeing nothing.