Alex Sink

Rove Lectures Repubs. On FL Victory

Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

Karl Rove wants the GOP to beware of Tuesday's David Jolly victory in FL, as it shows that opposition to Obamacare alone won't be enough in Nov. But it's laughable how Rove jumps in to lecture us about a race his country club Republican pals undermined in the final days of the campaign.

Big Senate Battles of '14 Are on More Pro-GOP Territory Than FL-13

Jim Geraghty, National Review Online

The GOP’s win in Florida last night isn’t everything, but it’s something significant when a candidate, privately regarded as weak by Repubs. (former lobbyist David Jolly), beats a well-funded Dem., Alex Sink. It's great, but doesn't ncessarily mean that R's have it in the bag. 

Dem Candidate Laments Loss of Maids, Landscapers Without Immigration Reform

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

In a genuine gaffe (accidentally telling the truth), Florida Democratic congressional candidate Alex Sink revealed the class system at the heart of so-called “immigration reform.” 

Elitist Democrat Talks Amnesty In Florida’s District 13 Special Election

If the answer to illegal immigration is to legalize the illegal alien then the answer to bank robbery is to legalize theft, which in a sense is what illegal aliens do to American workers by suppressing wages.