Andrew Jackson

It’s Time For President Trump To Go Full Andrew Jackson On Overreaching Judges

Whether President Jackson defied the Supreme Court has been hotly debated ever since Worcester v. Georgia but the point is that unlike subsequent presidents and congresses, Jackson was prepared to challenge usurping federal judges and use all the power and discretion the Constitution grants the executive to pursue his policy goals.

California Joins The Confederate States Of America

In the Leftist fever to remove any symbol associated with the Confederate side of the American Civil War it is beyond comical that yesterday, California's liberal Governor Jerry Brown joined the Confederacy in attempting to nullify laws passed by Congress.

Like Andrew Jackson, Donald Trump is an intensely American president

Newt Gingrich, Fox News

As his administration continues to grow and change, I suspect President Trump will continue to be a disruptive force in Washington on behalf of normal Americans. And his presidency will be every bit as historic as President Jackson’s.

Populist Presidents and 'Demoralized' Judges

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

I don’t think Trump’s complaints about the Ninth Circuit proceeding were a big deal. It is perfectly reasonable for non-lawyers to wonder why the oral argument seemed to have little to do with the controlling statute. The president did not insult the judges. And in terms of working the refs, what he did was not in the same league as President Obama’s warning that the “unelected” Supreme Court better not reverse Obamacare, or his belittling of the justices over Citizens United as they sat before him during the State of the Union address.

Democrats Turn The Clock Back To 1860

“There is no mistaking the fact that there is a concerted plan on foot among the enemies of the Republican Party, to bring it and the President elect into the disgraceful attitude of disowning the principles and policy to which they stood pledged before the country prior to the election. To accomplish this object, the most unpatriotic means are resorted to.”

Why Andrew Jackson Instead of Ronald Reagan?

President Donald Trump's choice of Andrew Jackson as his Oval Office muse shows President Trump knows his presidential history, and he’s chosen the right inspiration for the challenges that are before him.

When ‘deplorables’ took back their country

Thomas C. Steward, Washington Times

Jackson’s policies were controversial at the time, and are still vigorously debated by historians, but Jackson rocked the political establishment and made government more accountable to the people. Could we have a second Jacksonian Revolution? That depends on whether the American people trust Donald Trump to lead one.

Dishonoring Jackson for Affirmative-Action Absurdity

Patrick J. Buchanan,

This is affirmative action raised to fanaticism, a celebration of President Obama’s views and values, and a recasting of our currency to make Obama’s constituents happy at the expense of America’s greatest heroes and historic truth. Leftist role models for American kids now take precedence over the history of our republic in those we honor.

We Suggest The Andrew Jackson Approach to “Sanctuary” Cities And States

186 years ago, when Democratic presidents actually believed in and defended the sovereignty of the United States, Old Hickory had an answer to those who sought to nullify federal authority to enforce the laws Congress passes, as so-called "sanctuary" cities and states are doing today.