Why Sunday, November 3rd Matters

November 3 is International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Church. We should not just pray for those Christians elsewhere in the world, but for the persecuted church in America. For centuries America has been a beacon of religious liberty. Her lighthouse is now under assault.

Atheist Group Looks to Take on Clemson Over Football Coach Dabo Swinney's Christian Faith

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

The Freedom From Religion Foundation [FFRF], a highly litigious atheist group, looks to sue Clemson University over the role head football coach Dabo Swinney’s Christian faith plays in how he runs the program. The only problem is the group can’t find a current or former player willing to step up as a plaintiff.

From Our Big Surprise Department: Study Shows Religion Cuts Crime

Researchers asked respondents about eight varying types of delinquency including littering, skipping school or work, using illegal drugs, fare dodging, shoplifting, music piracy, property damage and violence against the person. The results of the research imply that the act of visiting a place of worship may trigger a significant reduction in the likelihood of involvement in certain types of criminal and delinquent behavior.

Planned Parenthood: Christianity Is 'Going Down'

Matt Barber,

A Planned Parenthood rep. bashes Christianity. She makes some wild claims, such as atheism is on the rise, while Christianity is in decline, and “Queer sexuality” is winning, while “biblical sexuality” is losing.

Atheist George Soros Targets Catholics

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

The gay advocacy group that launched a pressure campaign to block Bob Newhart from speaking at a Catholic summit is funded by progressive billionaire George Soros and has close links to Obama’s new counselor.

Satanists, Atheists Challenge Christian Nativity

Billy Hallowell, The Blaze

Florida’s Capitol Rotunda is getting more and more crowded after a Christian group successfully petitioned to have a nativity placed on gov't property. The Christmas image is now being counterbalanced by other groups — including atheist and Satanist organizations — who wish to add their voices to the space during the holiday.

Christian Wins "God Bless You" Harassment Case

Right Scoop Staff

A federal jury ruled in a Christian woman's favor, saying her workplace was hostile to her religion because a co-worker harassed her for years after the woman blessed her for a sneeze. The co-worker said “I’m tired of your Christian attitude” and mocked her for "praying to a God who was a figment of her imagination."

King’s ‘Street Sweeper’ Speech

Erick Erickson, Red State

On the 50th anniversary of MLK’s “Dream” speech, here’s another that reveals King’s true message.

Rise in Non-Religious: Good or Bad?

Billy Hallowell, The Blaze

No religion, no moral compass. Have we lost our way without the Founders’ Christian values to guide us?