Becky Gerritson for Congress

Change Congress with Two Votes: Gerritson in Alabama and Ramsland in Texas

Conservatives who have been outraged by the betrayals of the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill “leadership” have an opportunity to send them a message tomorrow by voting for two courageous limited government constitutional conservative congressional candidates: Becky Gerritson in Alabama and Russ Ramsland in Texas.

Tea Party Leader Becky Gerritson Announces For Congress

Becky Gerritson, leader of the Wetumpka, Alabama Tea Party today announced her bid to unseat establishment Republican Representative Martha Roby (AL-2). Mrs. Garritson's bold announcement speech and her campaign to unseat "Show Vote Martha" put her on the cutting edge of conservative efforts to reclaim the Republican Party as the political home of limited government constitutional conservatives. We urge you to read her remarks and we believe that, just as we did, you will conclude Becky Gerritson is exactly the kind of bold conservative representative YOU want in Congress.

Alabama tea party leader signals she will challenge Martha Roby for congressional seat

Cliff Sims,

Wetumpka Tea Party leader Becky Gerritson signaled on Tuesday that she will challenge Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL2) for Alabama’s second congressional district seat, which encompasses a large swath of southeast Alabama from just north of Montgomery down to the Florida and Georgia state lines.