Ben Hart

Ben Hart Movie Review: A+ for Dinesh D’Souza’s AMERICA

The theater was packed. Every person in the theater stayed through the entire rolling of the credits at the end, with our national anthem as the soundtrack . . . and sang along with it.

Why (As A Sports Fanatic) I Can't Get Interested in Soccer

Liberals continue to try to push the metric system on us, just like they are desperate to get America to love soccer – so we can be just like the rest of the world. I don’t want to be like the rest of the world.

Thad Cochran and GOP Establishment: “By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them”

Cochran’s message to African-Americans in Mississippi in summary was this: If you like the direction Barack Obama is taking America, vote for me, Thad Cochran.

Kevin McCarthy is Much Worse Than Eric Cantor

Kevin McCarthy epitomizes all that’s wrong with Washington. McCarthy only votes with conservatives 42 percent of the time compared to 53 percent for Cantor. That's pathetic, dangerous, and the best possible reason to replace the entire House GOP leadership now.

Thoughts on Donald Sterling: In America, Jerks Have Rights Too

After NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced he was banning LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life for making racially charged remarks, Sterling said he’s not selling the team. In a free society, jerks have rights too and the free market has a way of dealing with situations like Sterling's offensive racist remarks.

What a Conservative Social Safety Net Would Look Like – Part 3 of 4

In today's article about effective conservative messaging writer Ben Hart takes on the “third rail” of politics – Social Security and Medicare reform. Follow Hart's reasoning through all four segments of the article and tell us what you think.

What a Conservative Social Safety Net Would Look Like – Part 1 of 4

Writer Ben Hart posts an article about effective conservative messaging that is sure to draw some fire, but just may save Republicans from a repeat of the 2012 election. Follow Hart's reasoning through all four segments of the article and tell us what you think.

72 Absurd Items ObamaCare Requires Your Health Insurance to Cover

Writer Ben Hart lists health services mandated by ObamaCare that he is paying for, but doesn't need. He then proposes simple 9 ideas -- some radical -- to repair the damage Obama has done to the health insurance and health care markets.

Should President Obama be Impeached for Advertising Fraud?

Bernie Madoff hurt some people very badly with his lies. But Obama has caused so much more damage with his Obamacare fraud. No President in American history has told as many provable lies to sell his program as Barack Obama. Barack Obama makes Bill Clinton look like Honest Abe Lincoln by comparison -- and Clinton was impeached!

Obamacare Exchanges: Not Open for Business

Do we really want to emulate countries like Cuba and North Korea when it comes to healthcare? Conservative author Ben Hart's chilling reminders of failed socialist medicine and agonizing interaction with the Obamacare health insurance exchanges will help clarify just how bad it can get.