Berlin Wall

They tasted freedom, and the Berlin Wall came down

Editors, Washington Examiner

Communist governance really ended the moment people got the taste of freedom in their mouths. The bureaucrats and officials, who thought their socialist philosophy would bring about the end of history, were themselves cast upon its ash heap. Thirty years later, it is hard to believe that the Berlin Wall has already been gone longer than it stood. But its remaining sections, shipped to locations throughout the world, stand as a reminder of what Reagan often said: freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. All it will take for fascist or socialist tyranny to return is for one generation to forget the lessons of the past.

Reagan Library Shows America at Its Best

Quin Hillyer, The American Spectator

The exhibits do a fine job telling the story of Reagan’s remarkable life. Many of them expertly capture his buoyant personality, his infectious optimism, and especially his love for wife Nancy. Yet this isn’t one of those postmodern, vapid substitutions of personal ephemera for real history. Instead, the personal material is seamlessly and appropriately integrated into the important account of Reagan’s world-altering public life and presidency. Never does a visitor lose sight of why there is a museum for Reagan — of what he believed, what he did in office, and why his presidency mattered.

Viktor Korchnoi: Chess Grandmaster, Soviet Defector, Pugnacious Competitor

Viktor Korchnoi never was a compliant Soviet citizen. Stubborn, uncompromising, even rude, he was no Communist model. Eventually Moscow denied him permission to travel abroad to play chess and promoted his great rival and former friend, Anatoly Karpov.

When Liberty Knocked Down the Berlin Wall

We should celebrate a quarter century after the collapse of communism.  The events of 1989 represent a massive increase in liberty, a fantastic triumph of the human spirit.  With so little bloodshed everyday people ousted a gaggle of tyrannies.  They have given hope for future generations, and themselves, that freedom can emerge against seemingly impossible odds.