Bernie Sanders

HIllary and her millennial problem

Kristin Tate, The Hill

How is she supposed to motivate these young people? It’s a strange position. Lacking a clear way to win through force of her personality, she must rely instead on the mistakes of her opponents. This is good news for Trump, who has made so many gaffes that they have proven utterly inconsequential. He just has to keep doing what he’s doing.

‘What A Disaster’: Boos, Catcalls Mar Hillary Clinton’s Coronation Speech

Rachel Stoltzfoos, The Daily Caller

Hillary Clinton officially accepted the Democratic nomination for president amid a series of boos and catcalls Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Crooked Hillary brings down the house on the final night of the DNC

Hillary Clinton’s tired speech on the final night of the Democrat National Convention closed out a tumultuous week for the party nominee. Plus, Why undecided voters will eventually choose Donald Trump; #NeverTrump media gets an “A” for their English papers, but what about the election?; Trump admits it’s personal with the non-stop bash fest that was the Democrat convention, and, Is Mitt Romney about to endorse a pro-abortion, pro-marijuana candidate?

Trump Adding Bernie Voters To His Forgotten American Coalition

Opposition to free trade is one of the few major policy positions shared by Sanders and Trump supporters and some pro-Bernie demonstrators outside the Democratic National Convention said they are voting for Trump. “He knows how to create jobs,” said John Smith, a 58-year old air conditioning and refrigeration technician from Philadelphia. “What has she done? Her husband signed that NAFTA agreement.”

CHAOS: Bernie Delegates Plan To Block Kaine Nomination, Disrupt Democrat Convention

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

Bernie's delegates to the Democratic convention are furious about the revelations in the wikileaks document dump, as well as the revelation that Hillary is bringing Debbie Wasserman Schultz onto her campaign and thus is showing absolutely no contrition.