Bernie Sanders

Hacks Of Democrats Were A Public Service Not A Disinformation Campaign

There’s only one problem with attacking the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election as tainted by a Russian disinformation campaign; a disinformation campaign is based on lies made to look like truth, and the hackers, be they Russians, Chinese or Americans, revealed the truth behind the Democrats’ lies.

Dems caught between Scylla Sanders and Charybdis Clinton

Editors, Washington Examiner

If this year's election teaches us anything, it is that neither political party can be counted out forever. There can be no obituary for the Democratic Party, which could well come roaring back. But Democrats have just driven their party hard into a ditch, and their road to recovery isn't obvious. How they react could determine how long they are stuck in their rut.

The Warren-Sanders Presidency

Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

Do not for a moment think Elizabeth Warren is barnstorming the country now only to elect Hillary Clinton. She’s getting out the vote to make sure Elizabeth Warren is in position next year to co-run the government from Capitol Hill.