Bob Barr

Mo Brooks Was Right About Nazis, Socialists And Democrats

The “big lie” became a hallmark the Democratic Party’s modus operandi a long time ago, think of the many false campaigns against Republicans based on pushing Grandma over the cliff by taking away her Social Security. If Democrats don’t like being compared to National Socialists perhaps it is time for them to look in the mirror and check to see if they see one staring back at them.

Former Presidential Candidate Bob Barr Explains Why He Endorsed Ted Cruz

Charisma News

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Tuesday named former U.S. Congressman Bob Barr National Chair of the "Liberty Leaders for Cruz" coalition. 

Bob Barr's Attempt at House Comeback Still on Track

Elliot Jager, Newsmax

Former GA congressman Bob Barr ran 2nd in a primary race for a U.S. congressional seat north of Atlanta, qualifying for a runoff against former state Sen. Barry Loudermilk. Loudermilk, with the backing of the Senate Conservatives Fund, garnered first place with 37% of the vote. Barr pulled 26%.

Don’t Be the GOP Establishment’s Cheap Date

Many conservatives are going to be asking “What should I do now that Republicans have nominated an establishment candidate for Senator, Congress, etc. in my state?” Our advice is, don’t be the Republican establishment’s cheap date.

A Night of No Surprises

It is no surprise that incumbents like Mitch McConnell won last night. What is a surprise is how fast and how far right the incumbents, like McConnell, had to move to keep their jobs.

It's the Primaries, Stupid! Vote Broun and Barr in Georgia's GOP Primary

There are a number of important primary battles in the Peach State today, but the two in which we have taken a particular interest are the Georgia Republican nomination for US Senate, where CHQ has endorsed Paul Broun and the GA-11 Congressional race where we have endorsed Bob Barr.

Bring Bulldog Bob Barr Back to Washington: We Endorse Barr for Congress in GA-11

We are backing constitutionalist and former Congressman Bob Barr for Congress in Georgia's 11th District because he is a fighter and a boat-rocker. He's not afraid to take on the DC establishment; he's done it before and won.