Byron York

Getting Cruz Quotes Right

Jeffrey Lord, Conservative Review

The implication here is that Senator Cruz “blew up DC, divided GOP, led to partial shutdown” and that Cruz knew from the get-go he was pursuing a phony goal is a distortion intended to smear Cruz.

Obama Woos Estab. Repub. Journos

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart

In a clear attempt to woo largely establishment Repub. commentators who have opposed the GOP’s shutdown strategy, Obama held an off-the-record meeting with Charles Krauthammer, Paul Gigot, Robert Costa, Kathleen Parker, and Byron York.

Climate Report May Anger Enviros

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Environmental activists launched a big new attack on "climate change deniers" but, a new report from leading scientists could leave enviros on the defensive, and the "deniers" more confident and assertive.