California Governor's Race

CA Tea Party Orgs Make Endorsements for 6/3 Primaries

Leslie Eastman, Legal Insurrection

Cal. Tea Party groups are showing that they're not only alive and kicking, but actively seeking to make a difference in Tues.’s gubernatorial primary election. “Our groups have made an exception to their no endorsement rules and are poised to become a big player in the upcoming elections.” 

Karl Rove, Other GOP-E Butt in CA Guv Race, Too

West Coast Patriette, Red State

In a bizarre attempt to maintain control of the GOP in CA, Karl Rove’s hubris is beginning to take on almost paranoid features as he insists that if the Tea Party favorite Tim Donnelly wins the gubernatorial primary, it will tarnish all R's everywhere.

CA R's Roar for TeaPartier at Convention


Cal. Repubs. wrapped up their annual state convention with a roar of approval for the Tea Party's Tim Donnelly, who's challenging Dem. Gov. Jerry Brown. Donnelly, a state assemblyman who led the anti-illegal immigration Minutemen Project, got a standing ovation for a speech that warned of gov't tyranny.