What Exactly Is Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media

If proponents of so-called reform detailed exactly what they wanted, Americans would never support their self-interested agendas.

If Your Child Is In A Portable Classroom Thank An Illegal Alien

American taxpayers and neighborhoods will keep footing the bill for the lawless immigration policies of Democrats like President Obama and California Governor Jerry Brown through higher taxes and a lower quality of life for as long as voters allow these policies to continue. Sign our petitions to stop new federal spending on illegal children and to defend America's borders.

Military Bases Being Turned Into Permanent Refugee Camps

Three U.S. military bases are now being used to house illegal aliens, but according to our research several more are being considered. Unless Congress acts these bases may become permanent "refugee" camps.

Murrieta Patriots Face Down Feds – But 300,000 More Illegal Aliens Are On Their Way

The tide headed for our southern border shows no sign of abating, but House Republicans could mitigate the disaster if they stood tall and used their constitutional power of the purse to rein-in Obama's lawless open borders policy. SIGN OUR PETITION TO DEFEND THE BORDER.

Patriot Nurse's Protests Block Illegals

Gina Loudon, WND

The gov't dumps thousands of sick and dangerous illegals on towns with no resources to help and no ability to enforce the laws that would repatriate them. “It’s lawlessness,” said Patrice Lynes, organizer of the Murrieta, CA, blockade that caused a planned illegal-alien drop-off in her city to be turned back.

Murrieta Shows Citizens Can Strike Back Against Illegal Alien Invasion

Like the standoff at the Bundy Ranch, the protest at Murrieta didn’t end Obama’s law breaking, but it did show that American citizens are finally not afraid to act on their own to defend American sovereignty when their government won’t, and that should inspire others across the country to do the same.

Protesters Block Illegal Detainees' Buses

Matt Hansen & Mark Boster, LA Times

A crowd of 200 to 300 people in downtown Murrieta, CA surrounded 3 buses carrying immigrant detainees, causing the buses to turn around before they reached a Border Patrol station in the Riverside County city.

TParty Fights Back on US Flag Shirt Ban

Joe Saunders, Biz Pac Review

Tea party groups in CA will protest outside Live Oak High against admin.’ refusal to allow students to attend school wearing US flag shirts to avoid offending Hispanics on Cinco de Mayo. The lib. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ban.

NRA Takes 2nd Amendment Cases to Court

Associated Press Staff

The NRA lent legal assistance to Edward Peruta and Christopher Haga, two men who's send amendment rights were infringed up on by CA local officials, as part of its aggressive legal and political campaign to blunt gun controls across the nation.

Destroying the GOP: How Immigration Turned CA Blue

John Bennett, American Thinker

The pro-amnesty Republicans should think clearly about what happened to the Golden State.

9th Circuit Gun Rights Win Underscores Need for SCOTUS Carry Ruling

Dave Workman,

Yesterday’s ruling by a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel in Cal. that strikes down a requirement by San Diego County that concealed carry permit applicants must show “good cause” underscores the need for the SCOTUS to accept a NJ carry case filed by the Second Amendment Foundation.

Rush: Why Are R's So Hell Bent on Destroying GOP With Amnesty?

RUsh Limbaugh,

"There is no reason that any Repub. voter can be made to understand why we have to do this [push amnesty], and yet the Repub. leadership seems hell-bent on getting this done. It's the end of the Republican Party," said Rush Limbaugh. He gave the Balkanization of California as a prime example.

Illegal Immigrant Gets Law License

Howard Mintz, San Jose Mercury News

"We conclude there is no state law or state public policy that would justify precluding undocumented immigrants, as a class from obtaining a law license in California," Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote. 

EPA's Next Liberal Step: Kill the Lead Bullet

Perry Chiaramonte, Fox News

When the last bullet-producing lead smelter closes on Dec. 31, it'll mark a major victory for those who say lead-based ammunition pollutes the environment. Others warn 'green' bullets will cost more, drive up copper prices and do little to help conservation.

Could There Be a McClintock versus Ryan Showdown in 2016?

Someone needs to offer the principled limited government constitutional alternative to the Republican establishment on spending. Starting a “draft Tom McClintock” committee may be what is needed, because McClintock is saying what few others will – America can’t afford many more mistakes like those the Republican establishment made on the Ryan spending deal.

Former Illegal w/ Prior Fake SS# Sues Over Job Rejections

Michael Dorstewitz, Biz Pac Review

A California man who lived in the US for years as an illegal immigrant and worked using a fake Social Security number is suing the state because it won’t hire him as a correctional officer.

Obama's Possibly Racist Words to Immigrants

Real Clear Politics Staff

Obama talked about immigration reform during a speech at DreamWorks Animation in California, commenting that he can tell who is an immigrant just by "looking at faces."

Is CA Turning Red Again?

Ralph Z. Hallow, The Washington Times

Andy Vidak (a Repub. who speaks Spanish fluently) beat Latina Leticia Perez (D) in CA's heavily Dem. 16th District state senate race. 

CA’s Gay Marriages Still Illegal

Ken Klukowski, Breitbart

California has jumped to resume what’s still illegal action. That’s how the controversy started in ‘04.

Paul Outlines Battle Plan in Cali

David Drucker, Washington Examiner

Sen. Rand Paul’s suggestions on how to woo the Golden State back to the GOP drew mixed reviews.