Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace and the Weekly Standard-izaton of Fox News

Julie Kelly, American Greatness

Wallace clearly has taken sides with the anti-Trump news media, Democrats, and NeverTrumpers as the election approaches. This week, Wallace disputed Trump’s concerns over absentee voting, claiming there’s “no history” of voter fraud by mail-in voting. But his bosses at Fox News, for whatever reason, are allowing Wallace to go rogue. Wallace’s partisan preferences coupled with his petulant Chuck Todd-level tirades against Republican lawmakers and officials can only, and should only, be viewed as a slap in the face to the network’s loyal audience. Perhaps the network’s honchos should recall the fate of the Weekly Standard.

In Defense Of Kayleigh McEnany

For some reason Memorial Day weekend turned into a bash Kayleigh McEnany fest with former journalist turned spokesman for elitist snobbery Chris Wallace and alleged conservative and serial failure Jonah Goldberg acting as spokesmen for the “Ben Dover” form of conservatism, which allows one to wear a bow tie and smugly assume moral superiority while taking it in the shorts from the Left.

Trump Is Right: The Only Way To Win Is To Fight

Ever since Donald Trump won, the Leftist establishment has been acusing him of being divisive, so let us translate what that really means: Donald Trump is making it more difficult for Democrats to reduce your liberty, freedom, and rights and grow the power of the federal government, and they want him to be nice and let them win.

Donald Trump's Best Debate of the 2016 Presidential Campaign

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Last night Trump was the winner on points. However, Trump failed to lay out a clear understanding of the two world views that are on the ballot this election. Hillary Clinton and her Democratic allies’ radical agenda for America mostly went undiscussed.