Chuck Schumer

100 Days of Trump: Media ignores reality to paint Trump as an early 100-day failure

The media would count Trump’s first 100 days as a failure regardless of what transpired. Plus, If Congress doesn’t increase defense spending, should Trump take the blame?, and, Poll shows Trump’s voters don’t regret voting for him, still enjoys broad support.

Any reason for nerves in Gorsuch vote today?

The good news is it looks like Republicans are finally ready to show some backbone and call the Democrats’ bluff on the filibuster. If going “nuclear” means honoring truth, respectability and the Founding Fathers’ original conception of how the system should function we should have done it long ago.

Gorsuch filibuster will be the dumbest in US history

Rich Lowry, New York Post

The filibuster Chuck Schumer is about to undertake against Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination is perhaps the institution’s dumbest. It won’t block Gorsuch, won’t establish any important jurisprudential principle and won’t advance Democratic strategic goals, indeed the opposite. A Gorsuch filibuster would be an act of a sheer partisan pique against the wrong target, with the wrong method, at the wrong time.

The Democrats' Anger Management Issues Are Terrible for the Country

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

The Democrats -- from the politicians to Hollywood to their great enablers/clones in the media -- have been in a non-stop nervous breakdown for going on six months now.  For people who swear by their psychotherapists, if they've been going to see them, they're not making much progress. Maybe they should switch.  Or just take a long shower.