Cleta Mitchell

IRS Rejection of 1 Lib Org Doesn't Make It OK to Harass 200 Tea Party Orgs

Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner

The vast majority of the Tea Party groups have or had tiny budgets and made NO political expenditures at all.

Today Is Your Last Chance To Rein-In The IRS

Proposed IRS regulations will effectively codify into law the heretofore illegal practices that the agency used to target conservatives If those regulations pass, non-profit organizations across the country will be destroyed. Click this link to submit your comment.

The Enforcement Arm of the Democratic Party

Yesterday's testimony about the past abuses of taxpayers by the IRS was compelling, but the two most important takeaways for limited government constitutional conservatives were that the abuse is still going on and Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress and the bureaucracy are trying to institutionalize it. Click here to submit your comment to the government opposing Obama's attempt to deprive conservatives of their First Amendment rights.

How to Properly Investigate the IRS

James Freeman, WSJ

Attorney Cleta Mitchell’s road map for identifying the culprits doesn't stop in Cincinnati.