College Republicans

Univ Hurts Repubs, Helps Feminists

Robbie Soave, Daily Caller

Conservative students at UNC at Chapel Hill are angry over student government’s budget slashing for College Repubs while awarding extra funds to lib groups.

GOP's Higher Ed Opportunity

Alex Smith, Daily Caller

Chair of the College Repubs. said that a study shows young voters want positive problem-solvers in Congress. She thinks higher ed is an issue on which R's can lead.

College R's Barred From O Speech

Nathan Harden, National Review Online

Students wearing Tea Party or Republican-inspired shirts were turned away supposedly due to security concerns.

Report: How GOP Lost the Youth Vote

Katie Glueck, Politico

If you thought the RNC’s 2012 autopsy was bad, look at the College Repubs’ report. It’s a doozy.