Congress must stop spending and reduce the debt now

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

The American government will soon reach a debt level equaling its entire gross domestic product. It is far too easy an excuse to blame a virus for politicians of both parties to stop spending and reduce debt. The federal government continues to take in record amounts of revenue, but it goes out the Treasury’s door as fast as it comes in, riding the crest of a wave of borrowed money because very few in Washington ever speak of the harm debt causes. The sole interest of too many politicians is reelection and spending is their ticket to electoral success.

Trump’s ‘Political Masterstroke’ Leaves Press Scrambling to Apply Double Standard

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

The coronavirus threat will continue to recede. The stock market will continue its rise even as unemployment continues to fall. There may be saber rattling, and there will certainly be teeth gnashing, by China, Russia, North Korea, Democrats, the media, and other enemies of America. But it will all be sound and fury, signifying nothing. In short, it is more and more likely that Donald Trump will be reelected President. I have thought so for a while now, at least since his magnificent speech at Mount Rushmore. His calm and compassionate actions really were a “political masterstroke.”

Paying People Not to Work Is Not an Economic Stimulus

Stephen Moore, CNS News

Paying people not to work is no way to expand economic output, more jobs and more prosperity. By this warped logic, we should start paying unemployed workers $5,000 a week, and we will have a rip-roaring recovery. This is not just lousy economics; it also violates basic principles of fairness. Think of a construction company with 100 employees laid off. They are all offered their jobs back a month later, but only 50 come back to work. Under the Pelosi scheme, the 50 that work hard get less money than the ones who stay home. The suckers here are the ones who return to the job. A payroll tax cut makes a lot of sense.

La La Land Congress Wants To Give Billions To Public Schools To Stay Closed

Joy Pullman, The Federalist

It’s an indictment of Republican leadership that President Trump, who like most businessmen knows nearly nothing about education, still has better political instincts on this. He might not get that American education is about self government, but he does get that parents across the political spectrum know their kids’ schooling can’t sustain another huge disruption. He’s on their side. Republicans should be too. If Congress screws this up, like it usually does, states need to lead during this emergency by immediately converting their systems to education savings accounts. This will allow every parent to bypass the bureaucracy.

America is drowning in debt due to Congress' spending folly

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

Citizens Against Government Waste has just published its annual “Pig Book,” about some of government’s wasteful spending and earmarks Republicans promised to eliminate. Earmarks are spending added to bills that have not been authorized, approved by any committee or voted on by members. “The Pig Book documents” what it says are slightly fewer earmarks this year but notes the amount of spending on them has increased. While earmarks are a fraction of spending, if Congress continues to spend money as if there is no tomorrow, there may not be a tomorrow. America will drown in debt with no one to rescue us from our folly.

Will 2021 Be 1984?

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

The Supreme Court will be packed on a majority congressional vote to neuter existing conservatives until reinforcements of progressive new justices arrive. Some will wish to make senators popularly elected on the basis of demography or the Senate expanded into the hundreds—anything to do away with the paleo-idea of two senators from Montana or Wyoming standing in the way of the bending arc of history. Such are the wages of a global pandemic, national quarantine, sudden recession, cultural revolution in the streets—and an impaired Joe Biden. 2020 may be the first, best, and last chance for “1984”—and the Left knows it.

We Endorse Jim Simpson For Congress – Vote Today In Maryland GOP Primary

We’ve known and worked closely with Jim Simpson for almost a decade. In that time, we’ve come to agree with former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich who said of Jim Simpson, "Jim has the background and backbone needed to take on our hard left Democratic establishment." The Maryland Republican Primary is today, Tuesday, June 2 – if you can vote in the Republican primary in Maryland’s Second Congressional District we urge you to vote for James Simpson for Congress.

There’s No Proof Killing The Economy Saves Lives

The evidence is growing that lockdowns did not have the kind of life saving effect that their advocates, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Democrat Governor of Virginia Dr. Ralph Northam, claimed they would. We urge CHQ readers and friends to read Grading Our Governors: A Report Card on Reopening States' Economies and if your Governor has not earned an “A” or a “B” to call him or her to demand that the economy of your state be reopened.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Is A Carpenter With Only One Tool

By Richard A Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
In his dire warnings, that not unexpectedly drew praise from Democrats who need unemployment to be at a high level to win this November's election.  Dr. Fauci reminds me of a carpenter with only one tool – which in his case will be a clamp on the economy. President Trump should reject Democrat calls to run the country on Dr. Fauci’s one problem – one tool approach.

GOP Must Stop Pelosi’s $3 Trillion Vote Fraud Power Grab

It’s hard to know where to start explaining just how bad Speaker Pelosi’s next gen bailout bill is – but we will start with the institutionalization of California-style vote fraud.  The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators and Representative tell them Pelosi’s $3 trillion vote stealing plan is a non-starter and that America needs to get back to work.

How Does COVID-19 Fit In China’s Bio-Weapons Program?

The focus of our preliminary assessment of the Chinese actions was on the economic warfare domain, but that is only one of the seven domains of warfare recognized in Chinese military thinking. But a must-read article by our friend Clare M. Lopez raises a new and even more frightening possibility: The Chinese Communist Party intends to militarily defeat, occupy, and colonize the U.S. and biological weapons figure prominently in their strategy.

Evidence is Building that the Chinese Developed COVID-19 to use as an Economic Weapon Against the United States

If you are a loyal Chinese Communist, you see President Trumps actions, as an Act of War. This American President is looking to stop China’s accent as the world’s leading economic and military power. That cannot stand.  As the virus spread, the Chinese realized that COVID-19 would be an effective economic weapon. Which may be why they cancelled domestic flights in and out of Wuhan, but allowed international flights to continue, hoping the virus would spread to the United States.

Conservative Leaders To GOP: No State and Local Government Bailouts in COVID-19 Relief Legislation

As Congress contemplates a future relief package, the conservative leaders of the Conservative Action Project, led by Chairman Alfred S. Regnery, urge Congress to reject state and local government cash bailouts in favor of policies which give states the flexibility to address the COVID-19 crisis according to the needs of their state – including providing relief from onerous regulations, unfunded federal mandates, and policies which stifle economic growth.

The Federal Government Cannot Bail Out the Blue States

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

Republicans in Congress would be bonkers to let Pelosi take money from their states to subsidize the flabby and inefficient government services in blue-state America. The blue-state bailout is also the most regressive idea in modern times because it would tax residents in low-income states to pay for government services in high-income states. New York, California, and Massachusetts are among the wealthiest states. How preposterous would it be for the residents of Arkansas to bail out Manhattan? Who would have thought that Pelosi would be such a fierce advocate for reallocating money from the poor to the rich?

Congress, don't extend disincentives to work

Editors, Washington Examiner

If Republicans cannot find the political will to end enhanced payments, they must change the way they are paid, so as to encourage workers to stay in their jobs whether or not they can report to work. One suggestion is to allow small businesses to receive loan forgiveness if they make a good faith effort to rehire staff. Republicans could insist that the renewal of enhanced unemployment benefits be accompanied by a plan to wind down the dollar amount as the economy reopens. There are still another three months before the enhanced benefits expire. Congress can and should cushion those who want to work, but without hobbling the economy.

Coronavirus aid: Is there any amount of money that is too much to spend

Byron York, Washington Examiner

There is virtually unanimous, agreement in Congress that the government had to throw vast sums of money at the coronavirus crisis. The number of people left suddenly unemployed is staggering. But after a small assistance bill (about $100 billion), Congress has now passed a $2.2 trillion bill and a $484 billion bill. There's talk of more. Joe Biden says he wants a stimulus "a hell of a lot bigger" than $2 trillion. So the question: Is there any amount of money that is too much to spend? Is it time to tap the brakes? After all, people in Washington used to get the vapors about a $1 trillion deficit. Is double or triple that -- or even worse -- OK?

Democrats Block Job-Saving Program

Deroy Murdock, National Review

Democrats expose themselves as America’s most selfish people, who — once again — have stepped over the crushed dreams of their countrymen, stood atop the cadavers of their fellow Americans, and split apart this rather re-unified country in its darkest hour. Yes, Democrats. Go ahead and filibuster, so the fragments of your “fight for the little guy” façade will blow away and reveal that the pure, bitter quest for rank partisanship and racial tension are all that remain of this once-presentable party. Enough is enough! Voters should know that there is nothing left of the Democratic Party but self-absorption, partisan greed, and racial trigger happiness.

America needs its own ‘Christmas Truce’ to triumph over coronavirus

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

If warring European soldiers could do it a century ago, surely warring American political leaders can do it today. God knows our nation needs a truce. Instead of calling Trump incompetent and corrupt, Pelosi and Schumer could simply explain what they would do differently and why. Ditto for Trump when it comes to their ideas. Both sides should reserve Twitter for information and ideas. An agreement would be nice, but isn’t necessary. All they need do is start behaving as Americans first and partisans second. That shouldn’t be too hard for 30 days. They might even come to enjoy the experience of domestic tranquility. Unity has its own positive power, as Trump’s Friday press conference demonstrated.

It's time for Congress to bring accountability to intelligence community's surveillance power

Sen. Mike Lee, Fox News

We must remember the FBI’s failure to respect Americans' right to privacy. More importantly, we must fix the problems with the FISA program so that these violations of United States citizens’ civil liberties never happen again. Unfortunately, the federal government often justifies violations of privacy by claiming they need to protect us from foreign espionage and interference. While the threat of foreign espionage is very real, abuse of government’s surveillance powers is all too common. We believe that serious reform is necessary and should include several elements. The proposed FISA reforms will check the federal government’s surveillance power making it great again.

The Equal Rights Un-Amendment

The Editors, National Review

In 1982, everyone — including the Supreme Court — acknowledged that the amendment was dead. In recent years, however, three states have claimed to ratify it. Their legal claim is that the amendment was validly submitted to the states, but the deadline is invalid. House Democrats are moving legislation to invalidate the deadline retroactively. None of these maneuvers is consistent with the rule of law. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg has conceded that any effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment would have to involve starting over: getting a new supermajority of Congress and new state ratifications. Legislators and the court should not participate in this charade. The judicial system could start by quashing the states’ lawsuit.