DHS funding

Cruz, Sessions, Lee & Tea Party Patriots Wade In Against McConnell DHS Funding Betrayal

Mitch McConnell isn't trying to win the battle against Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty, he's merely engaging in the old (and failed) Capitol Hill Republican tactic of trying to use legislative slight-of-hand to get him by the immediate pressure point – the February 27 deadline for funding the Department of Homeland Security. Please call your Representative and Senators TODAY (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) tell them you want a strategy to WIN the battle against Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty, and that means DHS must be prohibited from spending any money on implementing that unconstitutional presidential power grab.

Boehner: Shutdown of Homeland Security Department possible

The Associated Press

House Speaker John Boehner is raising the possibility that the Department of Homeland Security may shut down at month's end because of a budget impasse, and he's blaming Senate Democrats if that happens. Asked what if the department funding were to run out, Boehner said, "Well, then, Senate Democrats should be to blame. Very simply."

Fact check: Dems Overstating impact of DHS stalemate

Eugene Kiely and Robert Farley, FactCheck.org

Some Democrats overstated the potential impacts of a congressional stalemate that threatens to leave the Department of Homeland Security without funding after Feb. 27.

Boehner: Democrats must 'get off their ass' on DHS bill

Erin Kelly, USA TODAY

House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday that Senate Democrats should "get off their ass" and stop blocking a $40 billion Homeland Security bill that would derail President Obama's immigration programs.

Lee: Begin Debate on DHS Funding, Executive Amnesty

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)

“I am ready – indeed, I am eager – to begin this debate,” said Sen. Lee. “Not just because we have only twenty-five days before the current budget authority for DHS expires. But also because this debate will finally allow the American people to see where their elected representatives in the Senate stand on President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration.”