Darrell Issa

Gruber Subpoenaed Over ObamaCare Contracts

Elise Viebeck, The Hill

OCare consultant Jonathan Gruber has been subpoenaed by Darrell Issa for documents related to his OCare work after refusing to share his compensation details. The order asks for a full account of Gruber's contracts w/ fed. & state health insurance exchanges.

Congressional R's to Grill OCare's Gruber

Susan Cornwell and Roberta Rampton, Reuters

Darrell Issa said panel members will ask Obamacare architect and consultant Jonathan Gruber Tues. about possible deceptions and a lack of transparency in the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

Chaffetz Wins 4-Way Showdown for Oversight Gavel

Matt Fuller, Roll Call

The Repub. Steering Comm. chose Rep. Jason Chaffetz to replace Darrell Issa to lead the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. 

Battle for Issa's Gavel Heats Up

Jake Sherman, Politico

Jason Chaffetz and Mike Turner are lobbying furiously for the oversight job. Everyone watching the behind-the-scenes battle for the House Oversight & Gov't Reform Committee gavel has one question in mind: Who does Boehner want?

Issa: Secret Serv. Gave False Account of WH Intrusion

Fox News Staff

Darrell Issa confirmed emerging reports that the intruder made it all the way into the W. House's East Room. Issa said that was contrary to an "early, false report" that claimed the intruder only made it just inside the door. 

Obama’s Lobbyists, Another Broken Promise

Washington Times Editors

Once upon a time, lobbyists were told they would have no place in the Obama admin. Transparency would put an end to business as usual in DC. Now, lobbyists call the shots in this admin and a ‘billionaires club’ writes this administration’s environmental policies.

Holder Staffer Involved in Sleazy Effort to Undermine House IRS Investigation

Jonathan Strong, Breitbart

A senior communications aide to Attorney General Eric Holder, Brian Fallon, seemingly called House oversight committee chairman Darrell Issa's staff by accident and asked for their help spinning new revelations about the IRS scandal, Issa said in a 9/8 letter to Holder.

Judge Orders Release of DOJ's Fast and Furious Log

Lauren French, Politico

A U.S. District judge ruled on that the Dept. of Justice must release a privilege log of documents withheld by the agency on the gunrunning operation Fast and Furious. 

Report Proposes Solutions to Ensure Targeting Never Happens Again

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Staff

House Oversight and Gov't Reform Comm. Chairman Darrell Issa released a report titled, “Making Sure Targeting Never Happens: Getting Politics Out of the IRS and Other Solutions." The report proposes a number of reforms to the IRS that would protect Americans from being targeting by the IRS.

Obama Defies Issa's Subpoena

Associated Press Staff

The White House is defying a congressional subpoena by keeping Obama's political aide, David Simas, from testifying at a hearing regarding the investigation into the White House Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, setting up a potential new legal battle.

Issa: Lois Lerner’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Email

Kendall Breitman, Politico

“[This is] a smoking gun, this is Lois Lerner clearly cautioning people not to say things on email and be delighted to find out that the local instant chat [messages] wasn’t tracking what they said,” Issa stated.

Issa: Holder Will Appoint IRS Special Prosecutor

Greg Richter, NewsMax

A.G. Eric Holder will appoint a special prosecutor on the IRS scandal because he wants to leave office at year's end and because there will be pressure from Nov.'s midterm elections, Darrell Issa said.

IRS Staredown Not Going Away

Bernie Becker, The Hill

Investigator Darrell Issa and Lois Lerner’s lawyer Bill Taylor squared off, showing that the battle over the IRS’s improper scrutiny of Tea Party groups may not go anywhere this year. Issa said the lawyer lied repeatedly and gave his client bad legal advice. 

Issa Calls On WHouse Attorney to Testify On IRS Email Scandal

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

Darrell Issa requested the testimony of White House’s Jennifer O’Connor at next Tues.’s hearing on the IRS lost emails. O’Connor worked at the IRS during its conservative targeting scandal. Issa thinks she “knew or should have known” that ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails were missing.

Why Issa Asked the IRS to Hand Over Hard Drive

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

Darrell Issa issued a subpoena to the Internal Revenue Service, ordering the agency to turn over the hard drive they claim is responsible for wiping out two years of critical email communications. Issa has dramatically widened his probe into the IRS after the agency announced last week that it had lost the emails.

Issa Subpoenas DOJ on IRS Targeting

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

Darrell Issa has subpoenaed the Justice Dept. after he didn't get answers from Richard Pilger, director of DOJ’s Election Crimes Branch, during a recent closed-door interview that is part of the panel's investigation of IRS targeting of conservative groups.

Issa Subpoenas Kerry on Benghazi; SecState ‘Unavailable’

David Sherfinski, Washington Times

Accusing the State Dept. of bad faith, the House’s top investigator Darrell Issa issued a subpoena Thurs. demanding that Sect. of State John Kerry appear before Congress at the end of May to answer questions about whether he stonewalled a Benghazi investigation.

John Kerry Subpoenaed Over Benghazi

Lauren French, Politico

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has issued a subpoena to Secretary of State John Kerry to testify on May 21 about the 2012 attacks in Benghazi. 

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner: The IRS Is The REAL Victim Here

Caleb Howe, Red State

On MSNBC, host Alex Wagner continued her ongoing “leave the IRS alone” theme with a defense of the organization and its key players that tread into the territory of virtuosity in the art of reversing the spin. She even compared investigating the IRS as being the same as to McCarthyism.

Top Dem. on Comm. Investigating IRS Scandal May Have Been Involved in Targeting of Conservatives

Becket Adams, The Blaze

“Partisan politics and the weaponization of gov't against opponents of this admin. is real and continues,” True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. “Cummings has blocked the IRS abuse investigation all along.