Democrats Now Stand For The Exact Opposite Of The Declaration Of Independence

It is important to remember that the patriots who fought our Revolution didn’t fight for the Constitution; they fought for the Declaration of Independence and a unique “pre-Constitution” revolutionary vision of individual liberty. Today, the liberty of Americans is once again threatened, this time by those who profess the ideology of the new Democrat Party – whose ideas and policies are almost the polar opposite of those expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

Assault on America, Day 547: Founding Fathers vs. Marxist #BlackLivesMatter, a comparison

In normal times, Independence Day was something all Americans would honor if not celebrate. But as has been demonstrated a lot recently, there are many in this country who seek to trash and remove the past. We can’t allow them. The proponents of Black Lives Matter are nothing like the Founding Fathers. Now more than ever, we recognize it.

The Only Guy Who Can Beat Trump Is Trump

By Richard Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
If Trump allows the campaign to be all about him – if he keeps sucking the oxygen out of all his winning issues, and allowing the Democrats’ frightening agenda to be obscured in the fog of his outsized personality, he’s going to take the House and the Senate, and the future of constitutional liberty down with him. Donald Trump the America First patriot cannot allow himself to be remembered by history as Donald Trump the egotist who put nihilistic Socialist revolutionaries in charge of the greatest nation on earth.

Assault on America, Day 546: To Democrats, police reform is all about grift and naked politics

Even if times are changing, Democrats in Congress don’t seem to alter their approaches any. If there’s a way to clog up the system with additional bureaucracy and litigation, they’ll find it. The liberal party rejected Senator Tim Scott’s police reform bill purely due to political reasons -- and because the South Carolinian is an African-American Republican. Shameful.

Exalting Race Rejects American Civil Rights Gospel

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media

The mob is using race and America’s long earnest struggle to rise above as a justification to tear down and replace institutions that have nothing to do with what happened to George Floyd. The answer is simple. Appeal to the goodness of America if you want to improve America. Do what generations of Americans have done before, reject the exaltation of race. Civil rights start with treating people like they have a right to be treated. It means treating everyone with the dignity they deserve, regardless of race. The more the mob, and those the mob has turned into cowards, exalt race, the worse it is going to get.

The Purity Spiral Turns, as Courage Goes Missing

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

Purity spirals end only when confronted and exposed. Efforts at conciliation, like the habit of appeasement, serves to increase their ferocity and their velocity. A statue of Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln has nothing to do with the death of the unfortunate George Floyd, neither, for that matter, do statues of Robert E. Lee or Andrew Jackson. An innocuous comment by a eminent art historian about a figure from the past whose actions helped to preserve the material deposit of civilization is not “disgusting,” it is salubrious and illuminating. To pretend otherwise is to play into the hands of the zealots.

Democrats bless stimulus checks that flow to strip clubs and the dead

Robert Knight, Washington Times

We’re still waiting for Democrats, including Joe Biden, to denounce the criminality. Apparently, condemning mob violence is “divisive,” but throwing bricks, setting fires, shooting cops and wrecking whole districts is not. Could it be that, combined with the Wuhan Communist coronavirus-induced economic meltdown, Democrats see value in these riots continuing right up to Election Day? They could be wrong, however. Horrified at lawlessness, obsequious genuflections to Marxist demands and calculated economic misery, perhaps a majority of Americans will choose lawmakers like President Trump who actually love America.

D.C. Statehood: What Would Frederick Douglass Do?

John Fund, National Review

It makes practical sense to allow residents of Washington, D.C., to become residents in a newly designated Douglass County, Md., and share in that state’s representation in Congress. One of the 19th century’s most eloquent critics of socialism and collectivism, Douglass was a man of decisive action. If given a choice between gaining full voting rights for Washington, D.C., residents (with their new status as residents of his native Maryland) and waiting many more years under the illusion that D.C. statehood will pass political and constitutional muster, we should all ask: What would Frederick Douglass do?

Assault on America, Day 545: No retreating on reopening the economy despite COVID-19 spike

News of a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases last week was seemingly greeted with relief by elements of the media. If true, the naysayers argue, the economy can’t be reopened, people will still be out of work and government will need to act -- again -- to take care of the unemployed. Then there’s the alternative, which is full speed ahead. Which way should we go?

The Democrats’ ‘Bonfire of Inanities’

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Emotion is now fact. Even worse, emotion has become a guaranteed right. Whatever one feels is correct and justified ,no matter how ignorant or detached from reality or history it may be. Furthermore, any misguided grievance one may have based on that troubled emotion empowers that person with the right to do anything he wants. In this new world, the rights of others be damned. The laws of society vanish in an instant. Justice is a quaint concept for losers. Statues are rightly built to honor them — statues that are only as safe as the next generation’s commitment to stand up and put down the mob.

Establishment Media Ignoring What Just Happened In Iran

While the establishment media have studiously ignored reporting the story, the social media accounts of Middle East and national security experts have been abuzz with questions and information on the huge explosion or explosions that recently rocked a site believed to house one of Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities – the facilities that Obama and the Iranians claimed do not exist.

Assault on America, Day 544: Yes, Obama, we cling to guns, religion and conservative media

Having Democrats blaming conservative media figures for the way things are in the U.S. today isn’t new. Bill Clinton all-but pinned 1995’s Oklahoma City bombing on his conservative critics. Then Hillary coined it “The vast rightwing conspiracy.” President Trump is no fan of the “fake news” media either. The battle for the news narrative will continue.

Senator Mike Lee Leads Senate GOP Post Bostock

After the Supreme Court's outrageous Bostock decision the Senate's Republican "leaders" act like they are relieved the Supreme Court absolved them of the responsibility for legislating on another embarrassing social issue that would make their friends at the country club squirm. Fortunately, Senator Mike Lee has stepped into the breach to prevent the Capitol Hill GOP from rolling over to Democrat demands to expand Bostock through legislation.

Assault on America, Day 541: ‘Preacher’ Trump should take a page from 2016, pack substance

President Trump is one of the most talented politicians of the modern age, yet even he could stand to alter his approach to politics from time to time. Elections are always about the future and at his next rally, Trump would do well to talk a lot more about what he intends to do in his second term, something that would reassure more than his already dedicated fans.

Unfriendly Fascism From the Democrats

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator

America is welcoming a new Fascist regime. This Fascist regime is being raised up from the left end of the political spectrum. If you are like me — educated by left-wingers all your life — you were taught to expect Fascism to come from the right. Today on the right there is only silence, irenic silence. All the flag burners, statue smashers, and, dare I say it, book burners, are on the left. I think Fascism’s leader in America, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, needs to bring a little order to her party’s new belief system. I suggest she set up an institute to coordinate the movement on a grand scale.

Assault on America, Day 540: Crime up in cities, but who to blame? Depends on who you ask

The 2020 election is destined to be one heck of a nasty fight. Who will get the blame for the rancor? Hint: His name starts with Donald and his last name rhymes with “bump.” And it’s not because he’s mean or racist or was a celebrity and regular presence in the tabloids. It’s because Trump represents a complete departure from the status quo. To the elites, that’s bad.

Assault on America, Day 539: Democrats and the media play ‘unity’ card, but it’s a huge bluff

Democrats did their darndest to ruin President Trump’s Tulsa rally, but if you listened to the content and themes of the speech, it still was a huge success. The opposition party may depict themselves as “unified,” but just below the surface is a seething cauldron of anger and disagreement. It’s only a matter of time before it explodes into something more sinister.

Pelosi Secretes Her Party’s Pro-Slavery Past

David Catron, The American Spectator

Robert Hunter, Howell Cobb, James Orr, and Charles Crisp had three things in common. All were Democrats, all served the Confederacy in some capacity, and all preceded Pelosi as Speakers of the House. So, is Madam Speaker really worried about tainting “the hallowed halls of Congress” by “memorializing men who embody the violent bigotry and grotesque racism of the Confederacy”? Or is she concerned that the Democratic record on race is so egregious that the urgent call for the removal of portraits and statues will look more like the need to remove the evidence of her party’s multifarious racial sins?

SCOTUS Ruling Makes No Case for Changes in Trump Policy on Transgenders in Military

On January 22, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively overruled four district judge preliminary injunctions against President Trump’s call for changes in military transgender policies. Following that 5-4 ruling, the Pentagon announced plans to begin implementation of the 2018 policy on April 12, 2019. Absent congressional action there is still strong Supreme Court precedent to uphold the Trump policy should the cases currently in litigation get that far.

Assault on America, Day 538: Do Democrats still want to swap Andrew Cuomo for Joe Biden?

There haven’t been many bright spots in the political realm lately, but one was when Gov. Andrew Cuomo fell out of favor with the adoring establishment media. Common sense doesn’t always matter in our politically correct modern society, but numbers still carry some weight. Cuomo failed to safeguard his constituents, and the truth caught up with him.