Assault on America, Day 482: Biden says Trump will delay the 2020 vote. Blatant lie or reality?

The new reality with China is yet another reason why Trump wouldn’t dream of delaying this year’s election, since Joe Biden’s dirty fingerprints are all over the subject and voters tend to have short attention spans. There’s a long way to go before November and the world is changing awful fast. Stay tuned.

The Democrats Totally Want A Depression

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

According to Democrats, somebody strolling across the Nebraska prairie is going to kill everyone in Brooklyn. Of course, no one believes that. No, their scheme is to leverage the crisis to keep these Trump-friendly areas down as long as possible to do as much damage as possible to POTUS and hurt his chances in November. When you add the blizzard of lies from the media blaming Trump for not taking a break from the bogus impeachment charade to lockdown the country back before we actually had any cases at all, their strategy is clear – use the pandemic as a weapon. Which means the worse we’re hit, the better off they are. But we’re not supposed to say that.

Assault on America, Day 481: Round and round COVID-19 goes, but it stops at state bailouts

While it’s not possible to predict exactly where the coronavirus conundrum stops, we at least recognize where it started (China) and what we shouldn’t be doing (dumping federal money on state and local governments) to beat it in the interim. With the world changing before our eyes, someone needs to mind the store.

Assault on America, Day 478: WARNING! Scam artist Dems force leftist lunacy on America!

It doesn’t take a genius to see the American public’s being scammed by a lot of deceitful political swindlers during the coronavirus panic. As the time nears for some of us to reopen our businesses and start leading “normal” lives again, we’ll need to watch out for the scammers and their ruthless schemes to abolish our freedoms.

Call Your Senators, Demand They Confirm Michael Pack To Head The U.S. Agency For Global Media

The Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044), call your Senators and Senator Risch TODAY – demand they confirm Michael Pack and don’t take the epidemic as an excuse for inaction because getting the U.S. Agency for Global Media into the battle with China is a reason to confirm Pack, not an excuse for further delay in filling this important position.

Assault on America, Day 477: Media fixates on Biden VP choice to steal spotlight from Trump

With not much else happening in the coronavirus-dominated news cycle, the media is working overtime to generate interest in matters like Joe Biden’s upcoming running mate selection. We can’t be sure who he’ll choose, but we know for certain she will be a big government loving nanny state liberal…just like him!

Vaccine Needed as Schiff-Nadler Investigation Disease Returns!

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

During impeachment, Trump may have taken his eye a little off the ball too, but considering the non-stop attack he was under it’s hard to blame him. And on the Democrat side they couldn’t have been less interested in the CCP virus or any virus. It was impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, all day and night. They accuse Trump of having “blood on his hands” with the virus, but that is yet another case of what has become a “symphony of projection” on the part of the modern liberal (as far from the JFK kind as Washington is from Wuhan). Develop a vaccine against Schiff-Nadler Investigation Disease (SNID)? I don’t know if Pasteur himself could figure it out.

Assault on America, Day 476: Politicians who protest the protesters merit removal from office

Every American politician should take pride in the citizenry actively engaging in societal governance, and this includes protesting when they feel their leaders aren’t acting in their best interests. In good and difficult times alike, government must be responsive to the voices of the people. Protests are a healthy thing, not a threat to well-being.

Democrats Ignore Lockdown Protests At Their Peril

David Catron, The American Spectator

Voters have had enough and and are hitting the street. After Gov. Ron DeSantis opened up the beaches near Jacksonville, the hashtag #FloridaMoron trended for hours on Twitter. It’s unlikely that anyone on the beach bothered to look at Twitter while they inhaled the fresh air of freedom. Some things are more important than safety.  Most Americans get that. This reality is the source of the lockdown protests, and why the Democrats are committing yet another blunder by ignoring them and attempting to prolong the stay-at-home orders. The protests are the foreshocks of an electoral earthquake comparable to 2016 and perhaps even the Reagan landslide of 1984.

Democrats Block Job-Saving Program

Deroy Murdock, National Review

Democrats expose themselves as America’s most selfish people, who — once again — have stepped over the crushed dreams of their countrymen, stood atop the cadavers of their fellow Americans, and split apart this rather re-unified country in its darkest hour. Yes, Democrats. Go ahead and filibuster, so the fragments of your “fight for the little guy” façade will blow away and reveal that the pure, bitter quest for rank partisanship and racial tension are all that remain of this once-presentable party. Enough is enough! Voters should know that there is nothing left of the Democratic Party but self-absorption, partisan greed, and racial trigger happiness.

Assault on America, Day 475: Why we just might see more MAGA hats on campus real soon

It's hard to say whether we’ll soon be spotting MAGA hats on reopened college campuses, but there’s little doubt that recent youth opinion surveys are encouraging. Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats depend on waves of young voters turning out to favor them, and if they don’t… well, you can predict the rest of the story.

Assault on America, Day 474: Trump’s enemies petrified he made the right call on reopening

President Trump thrives on making hard choices, which made his call on when to lift the federal guidelines and begin opening up the economy an attractive one for him. Conservative supporters understand the gravity of the situation and the difficulty of the decision; it’s time to back the president and unite behind common sense.

Assault on America, Day 471: Obama endorsed ‘ol Joe Biden. Here’s how it (probably) happened

Conservatives may not agree with the Obamas but we concede that they’re not losers. Any takers for a bet on whether Barack and Michelle would risk everything just for the chance of standing in the background for Joe Biden? No way! Endorsements don’t mean much today, but non-endorsements do. Waiting all this time to choose Joe spoke volumes.

Assault on America, Day 470: Joe Biden’s task force would dictate to businesses after COVID-19

There’s no end in sight to liberals’ crazy proposals for dealing with our new realities after everyone returns to work and socializing is once again “permitted” by the petty tyrant swamp class. Joe Biden wants to appoint a business safety task force and Alyssa Milano begs people not to buy guns. Another day in coronavirus paradise.

Assault on America, Day 469: Trump’s resolve to reopen the country comes with (some) risk

The coronavirus panic has presented a wealth of challenges no one could’ve anticipated just two months ago. With much of the United States (and the world) shut down to try and contain the spread, the largest issue remaining is the proper time to return society to normal. President Trump will decide. Is there an incorrect answer?

Democrats Would Rather Blame Trump Than China for the Pandemic

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

By focusing their attention on Trump, Democrats are in essence aiding the CCP in their nefarious activities that could well do immense damage to the future of our country and the world. But never mind. Trump must go. The Dem’s and the media’s objective is clearly to drive a wedge between Trump and the scientists to make the president seem like a greedy yahoo willing to sacrifice his fellow citizens for the good of the stock market. Like all political parties they still want power and Biden represents the past in every way imaginable. All they really have to generate excitement is how they can paint Trump. This should be alarming to our nation and the world.

Assault on America, Day 468: Bernie’s campaign bit the dust, but will Democrats carry it on?

Bernie Sanders’ exit from the 2020 Democrat primary race didn’t engender much comment, nor should it have. Joe Biden’s got his hands full trying to pick a running mate who satisfies the many factions of Democrats, but his real challenge is getting the American public invested in the party agenda again. After coronavirus, it won’t happen.

Assault on America, Day 467: Post COVID-19, is the GOP still the home of limited government?

With many in the nation questioning the basis for further sequestering the workforce -- and causing more damage to the economy -- calls will increase to get people back to work. Both parties deserve blame for drastically boosting spending in the midst of crisis. Now it’s time to figure out how to return to normal.

Assault on America, Day 463: Easter reminds us that some tragic stories do have happy endings

Each spring, the Lenten season and Easter are times to reflect and self-assess our lives and to offer thanks for Jesus’s sacrifice and for God’s gift of eternal life. This year will be particularly meaningful for many, remembering what we’ve given up or lost, but also the multitude of good things that still lie ahead.

Assault on America, Day 462: How extreme is too extreme for Dems and mail-in voting schemes?

In these uncertain times, liberals are laying the groundwork for permanent change to the way America votes while also preparing justifications and excuses for their likely failure in this year’s elections. With Easter coming up and no end in sight to the coronavirus craziness, anything and everything is on the table in Democrat-land.