Why the rush toward impeachment?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The quickie hearings are over and Schiff and his Intelligence Committee colleagues are at work — prayerfully, no doubt — on a report of their findings. That report will go to the House Judiciary Committee, which will swiftly draft articles of impeachment. Whatever articles the committee approves will then be sent to the full House for a vote. By that time, Christmas will be fast approaching. If House Democrats make that deadline and approve articles against the president, a Senate trial will follow after New Year's. And then will come Iowa. So Schiff is rushing, rushing, rushing. (The House is on a break, but the impeachment staff is at work.) Impeachment is "an urgent matter that cannot wait." Because politics demands it.

The Check-the-Box Impeachment

Rich Lowry, National Review

Democrats have had the difficulty from the beginning of trying to build an edifice of impeachment and removal atop the narrow foundation of the Ukraine episode, and now they aren’t even going to finish the edifice, content with what they could complete in a two-month investigation largely reliant on the testimony of people who weren’t around for the main events (Marie Yovanovitch) or were out of the loop (Fiona Hill). It’s not as though getting firsthand witnesses will weaken the Democratic case; it will in all likelihood make it stronger. But with every day that passes, it becomes a little more absurd to say Trump should be impeached and removed when the public can make its own verdict in the election.

Assault on America, Day 328: Impeachment bluff about to explode in Pelosi’s unfortunate hands

The Democrats’ phony impeachment pursuit goes way beyond the mere matter of castigating a president and removing him from office. The stakes are high for everyone in Democrat-land, especially Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Will she and her caucus really throw the impeachment switch? We’ll soon know the answer.

Assault on America, Day 327: To Biden, it’s cut Hunter loose or concede the Dem nomination

Joe, cut the boy loose. It’s either save Hunter’s reputation or give up your dreams of being the Democrat nominee. Either way, you’ll never be president. Not only are you a sleazy career politician who personally profited from your ability to win elections, you’re a terrible candidate. The only winner if Joe loses? America.

Democrats May Regret This Dance When Republicans Call the Tune

Ned Ryun, American Greatness

McConnell could stretch the trial out for six weeks, eight weeks, or even longer. Then, after maximum pain has been inflicted, he would hold the vote acquitting Trump. The 2020 Democratic presidential primary will be thrown into chaos. Fundraising would be disrupted. Campaign events would need to be rescheduled to accommodate the trial. Any real contender in the 2020 primaries—including material witness Joe Biden—would, of course, have to be in the Senate. So to Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the Democrat clowns: by all means, throw us in the briar patch of a Senate trial. Let’s make that magic happen. When it’s all said and done, I’m pretty sure you will deeply regret it in November 2020.

Let The Election, Not Democratic Partisans, Decide Trump’s Fate

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Even before his first day in office, President Trump was in the gun sights of the “deep state” and its media auxiliaries. And the origins of that “Get Trump!” conspiracy inside the “deep state” are now under investigation by the Inspector General of the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham. The issue at hand: Criminal misconduct inside the U.S. government to determine the outcome of an election, and, failing that, to remove a president our government elite cannot abide. Bottom line: If this country is not to be torn apart for a decade, the decision to retain or remove President Trump should be made by those who put him in the White House and not by rabid partisans like Adam Schiff.

Trump Results v. the Mindless Resistance

David Catron, The American Spectator

Through their inane impeachment drive, Democrats assure us that President Trump is a clear and present danger to the republic. But all of Trump's accomplishments have taken place even as he was subjected to the absurd Mueller investigation and the even more asinine “impeachment inquiry.” Imagine what the president might have accomplished if the Democrats had accepted the will of the voters. And, make no mistake, that’s what “the resistance” is about. Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats have refused to acquiesce in the peaceful and orderly transfer of power to the president chosen by the electorate. They have nothing to offer but impeachment. That makes them far more dangerous than Donald Trump.

How Republicans Won Phase One Of Impeachment

Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

Impeachment has been all but a foregone conclusion since Trump won in 2016. While many in corporate media will attempt to pretend otherwise, the first phase of impeachment did not go well for Democrats. It needed to be their strongest phase. It needed to be a time when support for the inquiry and impeachment grew. Instead, it shrank. Partly that’s due to Democrats’ failed strategy. But GOP members also played a significant role. They stood strong against both the media and Democrats, showed very little weakness, sent signals early on that they weren’t going to sit back and cower during the proceedings, and generally learned a great deal from the previous few years’ efforts to undo the 2016 election.

Conservatives Say No FISA Renewal Without Answers

We urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Representative and Senators (the toll-free Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044), tell your Representative and Senators that no provision of FISA should be renewed until the public has answers to the questions about how FISA was used to spy on Donald Trump and who in the Obama administration directed and implemented that anti-constitutional spying.

Assault on America, Day 324: Chick-fil-A, Obama and the legacy of liberal Democrat hubris

Liberal hubris is here to stay. Barack Obama can offer all the advice he likes but it’s really just a grand rear-end covering legacy exercise and a barely disguised ploy to aid Joe Biden’s faltering presidential candidacy. Conservatives aren’t fooled. Be prepared to fight back -- liberals will never back down.

Trump impeachment inquiry obstructed by Democrats' 'whistleblower' secrecy charade

Andrew McCarthy, Fox News

Schiff is playing a lawless game with the so-called whistleblower: predicating the impeachment inquiry on this intelligence official’s complaint while blocking Republicans from questioning the official and other policy officials with whom he dealt. The suppression of relevant information obstructs the congressional investigation. If this were a legal case, there is not a court in America that would keep the whistleblower’s identity and the details of his role in the origins of the Democrats’ Ukraine investigation under wraps. If Democrats insist on proceeding with the impeachment inquiry, they cannot insist on secrecy. You cannot commence an adversarial proceeding and then deny the adversary the information needed to contest it.

Assault on America, Day 323: ‘Ol fashioned Butt-igieg kicking in Atlanta leaves voters guessing

After seeing the sorry cast of Democrat political characters perform again in Atlanta one can see why there are potential “white knight” candidates and “cherry picker” losers contemplating jumping in the race. To desperate liberals, it’s starting to look perfectly plausible to hoist a late thirties mid-size city mayor to the national party nomination.

The Fatiguingly Lame Impeachment Hearings

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Future historians will look back at these hearings as a pitiful and flailing attempt by the Democrats to undo the election of a president whom they couldn’t beat at the ballot box. It represents the last gasp of an ongoing Deep State coup — a campaign of spying and sabotage that began before his election and continued after it, culminating in the bumptious eavesdropping that generated the fruitless Mueller probe. Adam Schiff’s eyes seemed to grow more bulging as Tuesday’s testimony dragged on and he realized the day had turned out to be a dud. The tedium was finally too much for ABC and NBC, which joined CBS in ditching wall-to-wall coverage as it began to cut into the much more ratings-rich local news.

Why Dems are so worried after latest round of impeachment hearings

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Once fair-minded Americans seriously entertain the question of whether the actions involved even amount to a crime, most will probably find it difficult to conclude Trump represents an urgent threat and must be removed immediately. All the more so when they can read the call transcript for themselves, as well as learn that Ukraine got the promised aid and never launched any of the investigations Trump requested. Adding to the surreal quality of the hearings is a crucial fact that gets too little attention: Trump’s policy toward Ukraine has been far stronger than President Barack Obama’s. Removing Trump would benefit Russia, proving that, for Dems, Ukraine’s security is just another pawn in their war against the president.

Assault on America, Day 322: Fifth Democrat debate: impeachment, taxation & Pete Buttigieg

The Democrats aren’t making any headway on impeachment, their various “plans” are ridiculous and impractical and their catastrophic warnings about global warming and “climate change” won’t be well received by the shivering country enduring a heinous cold spell. But they have to fill a couple hours, don’t they?

Desperate, impeachment-driven Democrats

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

It’s all a sham and a scam. We hear the same rhetoric every four years, especially about the wealthy and successful needing to pay their “fair share.” America is a land of opportunity, not guaranteed outcome. There are more opportunities than ever for a good education, good jobs and so many other things that make the country unique. Republicans have the better message. What they need is a better and more courageous way of promoting it. Desperation worked for Democrats during the Great Depression, but they have been living off inertia for more than seven decades. Desperation is not a policy, especially at a time when America is better off than it has been in decades. If impeachment is all Democrats have, it won’t be enough.

What If They Gave an Impeachment and Nobody Came?

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Here’s the deal about impeachment. All this three-ring clown show stuff, all these poll-tested narratives (“Remember, our focus group in Duluth says ‘quid pro quo’ is 7.632 percent less evocative than ‘bribery’! Everyone go with ‘bribery’ from now on!”), all these endless, rehearsed resumé dumps they call their opening statements, mean nothing. It’s a joke. This is not a fact-finding inquiry. This is kabuki theater for dumb people, trying to swing them around to embracing the fait accompli that is impeachment. But no one is listening. No minds are changing, except for people getting sick of an elite that considers the fact that it no longer holds unchallenged power to be America’s biggest problem.

Assault on America, Day 321: Why are doctors joining ‘morons’ to vote against Republicans?

One can’t help but think if the GOP doesn’t unite to fight back against the misinformation forces of the left that they’ll continue to lose once-loyal backers like doctors and medical professionals. Moving to the mushy center won’t help things. The “morons” are taking over and Republicans are clueless on how to stop it.

Democracy Dies in Darkness — Speak the Whistleblower’s Name

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

The narrative maintains that naming a whistleblower violates not only law but also morality. Why does Adam Schiff not want us to meet the whistleblower? Why did Twitter suspend Donald Trump Jr.’s account on Wednesday for mentioning his name? Why do news outlets claiming that “democracy dies in darkness” keep the democracy in the dark about Eric Ciaramella? The president’s antagonists do not want us to know the whistleblower’s name because his identity reveals him not as a whistleblower but as an antagonist. Removing his anonymity poses a threat not to Ciaramella but to the project, termed a “coup” by his attorney two years ago, he joined to remove the president by any means necessary.

Assault on America, Day 320: Cherry pickers and white knights; 2020 Democrats in a nutshell

Whether it’s a “white knight” or “cherry picker” waiting in the wings, 2020 Democrats are showing signs of tangible unease as we move towards the primary season. Time is running out for the party to settle on a candidate to take on a very strong President Trump next year -- will they find one?