Assault on America, Day 442: COVID-19 vaults illegal immigration to the top of 2020 debate

With the Democrats’ primary race ending and the presidential election approaching, Americans will now begin focusing less on personalities and electability and more on the candidates’ issue positions. Joe Biden won’t win many converts by promising to go easy on illegal aliens and vastly curtailing energy exploration. It just makes Trump’s job easier.

Trump’s Coronavirus Response Isn’t the Work of a Dictator

Rich Lowry, National Review

Trump declared an emergency last week and has now issued national guidelines against gatherings of more than ten people, but his initial instinct was to urge people to stay calm and carry on. The reason that Trump’s conduct in this crisis hasn’t tracked with the “incipient fascist” line of attack against him is that this criticism never made any sense. The problem with Trump’s mode of governance isn’t that he’s a would-be authoritarian. Rather, he has a highly personalized view of the presidency and an abiding belief that he can talk his way out of any difficulty — including, initially, a public-health crisis not susceptible to spin. It doesn’t make him a Falangist.

Assault on America, Day 441: COVID-19 + pols + media = taxpayers on the dole for $850 billion

We could not have foreseen what’s happened with the coronavirus up to this point and there’s no way to predict where events will go from here. The media pressured the political class into reacting/overreacting to a serious threat and now we’re preparing to dump hundreds of billions into it. What holds the future?

Biden promises moratorium on deportations as both candidates pledge lax enforcement of immigration law

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Both Biden and Sanders join with their party's move to the left on immigration. The two men agreed on what would be an unprecedented loosening of U.S. immigration enforcement. Both promised to immediately end the Trump administration's practice of making thousands of illegal border crossers wait in Mexico while their asylum claims are considered in the United States. Both promised to send more immigration judges to the border to decide those claims. And both promised not to detain anyone while those decisions were being made. Finally, both candidates said they would support sanctuary cities that defy federal authorities seeking to enforce immigration law.

Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic Demonstrates Who Are The Idiots

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

The Democrats’ shiny new meme was that Trump wasted the time China bought us with its dissembling and incompetence. What was Trump doing at that time? Dealing with being impeached for allegedly seeking an explanation about why the exotic dancer-diddling and wacky dust-inhaling scion of the presumptive Democrat nominee was getting paid off to the tune of $83K a month by foreign corruptocrats. The Chinese coronavirus pandemic, like Trump himself, has the amazing ability to cause the masks to fall and the truth to come out. Communists, our establishment, the media, Democrats and Never Trumpers have managed to all made fools of themselves. You really gotta Wu-hand it to them.

Assault on America, Day 440: Seeking a slight glimpse of future hope among coronavirus doom

There aren’t many moments where we receive an opportunity to glimpse the future, but the coronavirus pandemic appears to be one of them. Whether we’re ever able to “go back” is another question entirely. There’s no stuffing the genie back in the bottle on this one -- and we’ll need to live with the consequences when things die down.

Assault on America, Day 439: Anticlimactic Joe & Bernie debate show draws an audience of zero

For better or worse, the Democrat race is over… and again, this was likely the final 2020 candidates’ debate. In this sense, the American public was the “winner.” The next time we see Joe Biden on the debate stage, he’ll be opposite President Donald Trump. Anyone (besides the media) think Biden will come across as the better man then?

Assault on America, Day 436: Questions debate moderators should ask Bernie & Joe on Sunday

With the Democrat presidential race all-but over, Sunday’s “debate” is bound to feel anti-climactic and like a waste of time. Perhaps the only yet to be determined matter is whether Biden can keep his wits together for two hours -- and whether Bernie finally takes off the gloves regarding Joe’s massive corruption deficit.

Democrats Are Nominating Chance the Gardener From ‘Being There’ for President

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Something cruel, even sadistic, emanates from the nomination of someone either over or on the edge of senility. Considering how Joe is now, think how he will be in two or three years in the midst of his presidency. The potential for public humiliation is high, as is the necessity to surround him with “advisors” to prop him up. But that may be the point. A particularly mediocre group of candidates failed, but will get a second chance. There’s no “there” in “Being There” and someone—Booker, Harris, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, any of a number of people—will be calling the shots in reality from behind the scenes. Forget Truman’s famous “The buck stops here.” It would be “The buck stops where?”

Assault on America, Day 435: Coronavirus will neither help nor hinder Trump’s reelection drive

Coronavirus is a serious matter and President Trump is giving it its due consideration. Life must go on and Trump’s reaction to the fears of normal people is in line with what any leader should do. If the president went around acting scared, it would only make things worse. Be thankful for competent political leadership at times like these.

Politicizing Coronavirus Will Cost Dems the House

David Catron, The American Spectator

Knowing how vulnerable they already are pursuant to their impeachment perfidy, it cannot be comforting to these endangered “Trump district” Democrats to hear their leadership demagogue coronavirus. Pelosi has already placed a target on their backs by forcing them to vote for impeachment after encouraging them to run for Congress as moderates. Her irresponsible rhetoric on coronavirus will remind already angry voters that the Democrats just can’t be trusted to play it straight on any issue, even something as important as public health. COVID-19 warrants serious attention, of course, but it’s not the Black Death. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said most people are simply not in very much danger.

Assault on America, Day 434: To Democrats, everything and nothing sounds good at one time

Regardless of the reasons, Democrats are pretty much stuck with Joe Biden -- and all that comes with him -- for their party nominee. The 2020 field’s women candidates didn’t lose because of their gender; they lost because they weren’t good choices and the establishment first sought to take care of their own.

Assault on America, Day 433: Biden momentum surge destined to drown in sea of hypocrisy

The past couple weeks demonstrated how quickly things change in the world of politics and how voter attitudes often shift without explanation. One thing that will likely remain the same is President Trump’s hold on the loyalty of conservatives and Republicans. Democrats can’t match it, regardless of who wins their nomination.

Assault on America, Day 432: Jealousy and envy of Trump won’t heal Democrats’ deep divisions

Democrats envy Donald Trump, and the jealousy doesn’t end there. Liberals see a Republican Party united like never before and the daunting prospect of battling an incumbent president who’s (literally) survived trial after trial. There are dark clouds on the horizon and Democrats are justifiably terrified.

Democrats Are Learning The Wrong Lesson From 2016 GOP Primary

Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

By being unable to stop a Trump candidacy, the Republican Party managed to tackle some very difficult divides between its establishment and the voters who enabled their power, including on policies that seemed to exclusively benefit corporations and the wealthy, immigration, trade deals, the U.S. relationship with China, regular entry into wars, failure to end wars, and whether to cower in the face of unfair media attacks. The result is a party that is more unified than it’s been in a while. It didn’t just survive the 2018 midterms, it gained Senate seats even as it experienced the expected House losses. Why would the lesson for Democrats be that they must stop this type of possibility?

Assault on America, Day 429: Would Donald Trump really dump Mike Pence for Nikki Haley?

Just because the Democrat establishment was able to pull off a miracle and save Joe Biden’s candidacy from the political trash heap doesn’t grant them license to start giving President Trump advice – or to predict that he’s about to dump Mike Pence for Nikki Haley. Time and events are on Trump’s side – and he knows it.

Assault on America, Day 428: Resurrected Joe Biden ain’t any better than the one left for dead

Joe Biden just ain’t that smart. And voting against Trump won’t be enough, especially since Harry Reid tipped Democrats’ (empty) hand early – all they have is racism and fear mongering going for them. That’s Hillary redux, not a winning message. Democrats very well could regret bringing Joe back from the political dead.

Assault on America, Day 427: Democrats forget Joe Biden is/was an awful (and old) candidate

With the Democrat nominating contest dwindled down to two viable contenders, the chances of party voters settling on one clear leader before their convention aren’t great. The effort to stop Bernie Sanders will continue but it’ll take something akin to a miracle to make either of them look as strong and vibrant as Trump.

Assault on America, Day 426: What Super Tuesday won’t solve (Trump and minority voters)

After Super Tuesday, much discussion will focus on the remaining viable candidates in the Democrat presidential race, but it shouldn’t be ignored how President Trump’s campaign is gaining a foothold with once solid Democrat constituencies. This won’t change regardless of whether it’s Bloomberg, Biden or Sanders that eventually faces him.

Whither the Anti-Trump Uprising?

David Catron, The American Spectator

It must be discouraging for rank-and-file Democrats to see President Trump prospering after they were assured by their elected leaders that he would now be gone. It must be hard to witness sluggish turnout for their caucuses and primaries, to watch their potential presidential candidates squabble over the nomination like so many spoiled toddlers, to realize that the ultimate candidate will be chosen behind closed doors by “super delegates” whom they have never met. At some level, they must see that they have been repeatedly deceived, that the Resistance was a panacea whose purpose was to make them believe they were fighting injustice rather than filling the coffers of the Democratic Party.