SOTU: A story of triumph for Trump but not for the Democrats

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Mrs. Pelosi’s action was one of extraordinary pettiness and the behavior of a woman broken, defeated and small. Overall, the last week has been an education for the American people as a whole and a rolling disaster for a confused and flailing Democratic Party. No doubt Mrs. Pelosi and her enablers were hoping to impact how Mr. Trump was viewed. They succeeded. Gallup has found the president’s approval ratings hit an all-time high during the impeachment trial, in part because of higher ratings among both Republicans and independents. The president ended his address by saying, “The best is yet to come.” That couldn’t be more true as the Democrats continue to remind the American people about how much is at stake in November.

Assault on America, Day 400: What to expect post-impeachment. A bestseller won’t reveal

Though no one truly knows what to expect now that Trump’s impeachment has been relegated to the trash heap of history, one scenario seems likely: Trump’s base has been activated and energized months earlier than in a normal election year and Democrats are in despair from failure. Who will win in the end? You be the judge.

The Coup That Failed, Or, The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

The impeachment of Trump was an attempted — and failed — coup that not a single Republican supported, only Democrats in the House and their Senate caucus. The impeachment of Trump was an exercise in pure partisanship and itself an abuse of power. For four years, elements of the liberal establishment — in the media, "deep state" and major institutions — have sought to destroy Trump. First, they aimed to smear him and prevent his election, and then to overturn it as having been orchestrated by the Kremlin, and then to impeach and remove him, and then to block him from running again. The damage they have inflicted upon our country's institutions is serious. Almost all now concede we have become an us vs. them nation.

After Trump acquittal, what's next?

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

Mr. Trump is newly empowered to take his case for four more years of prosperity and relative peace to the public. Every Democrat running for president would raise taxes, giving more money to Washington, which cannot constrain its spending lust under either party. As taxes rise, so would unemployment because many businesses would no longer be able to afford workers they hired during the economic boom. Look for more investigations — perhaps additional allegations and articles of impeachment — and more “leaks” from former Trump staffers between now and the election. The only way to stop this is for Republicans to regain a House majority and maintain their majority in the Senate, which seems likely.

Assault on America, Day 399: Magnanimous Trump wows Congress and country with SOTU

Every year the president’s State of the Union Address receives more than its share of commentary from the media and punditry, but Trump’s latest iteration might have more staying power than most. The magnanimous president faced real challenges on Tuesday evening and overcame them all. A very Trumpian performance, indeed.

Assault on America, Day 398: What would have happened in Iowa if Democrats could count

Democrats should enjoy their one day of public-attention grabbing fun because all eyes shift back to Washington tonight to see how President Trump will handle his State-of-The-Union address flanked by his not-so-loyal opposition in the last gasps of a doomed impeachment trial. Will Bernie Sanders show up? No matter; he’s already full of glory after Iowa.

‘Walls Are Closing In’ on the Democrats

Roger Kimball, American Greatness

A few suggested courses of action the president might take in his second term (some parts of which might be started even now). First, to discourage such frivolous, wholly partisan efforts to overturn the results of a free, open, and democratic election, people who have committed felonies by leaking classified material or lying under oath should be prosecuted. Second, as for removing the “stain” of impeachment, I propose that when the House flips to the Republicans again next year, a bill be introduced rescinding President Trump’s impeachment and publicly exonerating him of any and all wrongdoing. Third, I suggest that Barack Obama retroactively be impeached since the media and Democrats enjoy it so much.

Democrats' Total Failure and Utter Humiliation Delights All Real Americans

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

And overall this smoking Democratic wreckage looms Donald Trump, bellowing in laughter as his poll numbers rise. The economy is booming. He has signed great new trade deals. We are ending the elite’s idiotic wars. And it is looking like Nancy Pelosi will have even more reason to drink herself into sputtering incoherence over next November when we take back the House. It’s a painful time to be a Democrat. Good. Because Democrats chose to be terrible, and their agony should refresh and inspire us. Graciousness in victory? Pass. They tried to take us out by taking out the guy we elected. They tried to make sure we could never have a say in our own country ever again. They tried, and because they suck, they failed.

America’s Coming Three-Party System

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

One is Trump’s Republican Party. Call them the Trumpetarians. We can see them roughly once a week at one of his rallies so we know who they are—and they are enthusiastic, to say the least. Two is the Sanders or AOC-led socialist party. Call them the Bolivarians because of Bernie’s high-esteem for the Latin American autarchs only slightly less ruthless than El Ché. The Bolivarian rank-and-file, aka Bernie Bros., may be clueless about what they are getting into, but they are, nevertheless, also absolutely enthusiastic. Three is the old guard Democratic Party plus the NeverTrumpers (all fifty of them, including Bill Kristol). Call this group the Deep Staters. They are not enthusiastic.

Assault on America, Day 397: Would a Sanders Iowa win launch a Dem version of #NeverBernie?

Bernie Sanders could easily end up on November’s ballot. And it all begins tonight in Iowa where Hawkeye State residents have had a good long look at the Democrat party candidate offerings. The political world just might be about to be turned upside-down, a development many would welcome. It’s all over but the voting.

Bolton's old friends are now enemies, and old enemies friends — as long as he is useful against Trump

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Democrats, who in the past would have embraced all those accusations, now suggest Bolton will be a very credible witness. Republicans, who in the past would have rejected all those accusations, now suggest Bolton might not be a credible witness at all. Some of Bolton's old friends are now his enemies, and some of his old enemies are now his friends — at least as long as he might be useful in the cause of removing Trump from office or, failing that, damaging his reelection prospects. It is not at all clear what Bolton will do and what the Senate will want him to do. But it seems difficult to believe the book leaks will stop, especially as decision time on Bolton nears.

Assault on America, Day 394: Conservatives to RINOs: We got no more use for you guys

The more time passes the clearer it becomes that #NeverTrumpers don’t have a leg to stand on -- or, as Vincent LaGuardia Gambini might say, “I got no more use for this guy”. Next week begins the process of selecting a Democrat opponent for Trump. Can he or she count on help from the Republican resistance?

The Media's Dreadful Impeachment Partisanship

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

It's not surprising that Democrats and Republicans favor or oppose impeachment based on the party of the president in the dock. It should be surprising that our supposedly nonpartisan journalists flip to whichever talking points are in use by the Democrats. The networks today tout the Democratic House managers as so incredibly diverse and worldly-wise and then mock the Republican House managers of 1999 as stale, pale and male. Journalists constantly moan that their credibility is shot and blame "anti-media" messages from Trump and the conservative media. Not so. They've lost the public's respect all by themselves. They flagrantly indulged their Democratic buddies all over again.

Assault on America, Day 393: ‘Hi, I’m Mike Bloomberg, and I accept the Dem nomination’

These are strange days when a candidate creates a large following by skipping most of the traditional party nominating process events, but Mike Bloomberg appears to be doing it. Democrats aren’t nearly as unified as the media would have Americans believe, a problem Trump doesn’t need to worry about.

For Dems, Impeachment Keeps Us From Making Same ‘Mistake’

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

The impeachment of Donald Trump is not really about his 10-week delay in shipping arms to Ukraine or his postponing of a visit by Ukraine's president until he announced an investigation of Burisma Holdings and Joe and Hunter Biden. Even before the 2016 election, Democrats were using the instruments of power they possess, to first prevent and then to overturn the election results of 2016. Russiagate, the James Comey FBI investigation, the Mueller probe — aborting a Trump presidency has always been the goal. The Senate should let Trump's defenders complete their case, as the House managers and impeachers have already done. Then allow 16 hours of questioning. Then call for the verdict.

When There Is No Normal

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

History lesson: Radicals eventually will need the norms and safeguards they’ve gleefully destroyed. The Left has no awareness that under their new protocols, Barack Obama would have been more exposed to impeachment writs than Donald Trump is today, that the next administration mole as a whistleblower might seek to take out a Democratic president, and that politicized FISA courts might just as easily fast-track the surveilling of progressive campaign aides. We are now in a revolutionary cycle in which existing norms are considered obstacles to equality-of-result politics. The Left believes that they will never need the institutions that they are distorting, but they will soon rue their own folly.

No, Chief Justice Roberts Cannot Issue Subpoenas

Only Senators may identify a witness to be called and no witnesses may be called unless the Senate specifically votes to allow a motion to be filed regarding whether the witness issue will even be debated. No matter how hard the Democrats try to spin this to influence the media narrative, and Chief Justice Roberts. the bottom line is that 51 Senators will decide who – if any – witnesses will be called.

Assault on America, Day 392: Hold your Iowa bets, every horse in the 2020 Dem field is a nag

Bernie Sanders would be dreadful as president. But would he be more appalling than Biden, Warren, Buttigieg or Klobuchar? At best, there’re slight differences between all of them. The chances of an Iowa “shocker” probably aren’t good this year -- but every one of the Democrats is truly alarming.

Dems' un-American agenda appeases LGBTQ community

Robert Knight, Washington Times

While liberal jurisdictions are criminalizing the use of a “wrong” pronoun, a half-dozen states are considering bills to protect children from over-eager gender benders. The LGBTQ movement rests on the fiction that DNA, brain structure and physiology is irrelevant. Only feelings count. The left, which lectures us constantly about bowing to the gods of science, has an enormous blind spot when it comes to sexuality. Or maybe they don’t. They know that sexual anarchy is a key part of “fundamentally transforming” America into a rudderless society easily manipulated into dependency. Socialists have been at this since the 19th century. Let’s just say there’s a method to their mad science.

Will Democrats Take Up Arms To Remove 'Dictator' Trump Or Are They All Talk?

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

If Trump is a dictator, why do you want to disarm the American people so the only one with guns is…Dictator Trump? Whatever, let’s focus. Okay, maybe you don’t have any guns like real men. Let’s assume you can find some guns. Now you need to water the kale bush of liberty with the blood of patriots. Okay, you’ll probably want to find another word than “patriots” since the term “patriots” upsets you – but because Trump is a “dictator,” we’re obviously in an extreme situation that calls for extreme measures.  It’s totally time to figuratively fire on Ft. Sumter again, Democrats. Maybe this time it will work out better for you. Pick up a weapon or shut the hell up.