Assault on America, Day 390: Sizeable fissures emerge in the media’s Democrat unity wall

With the impeachment trial droning on in Washington and the Iowa caucuses only a couple weeks away, Democrats will be hard pressed to maintain some semblance of togetherness heading into a very stressful few months. Will Bernie Sanders’ attacks on Joe Biden have an effect? We’ll soon find out.

Assault on America, Day 387: To Trump’s foes, great victories and progress aren’t presidential

Common sense is in scarce supply in our times when Democrats and #NeverTrumpers cite Trump’s behavior as causing the sorry state of American politics today. Blaming Trump for his own impeachment is akin to condemning an innocent man because you don’t like his haircut. It’s a lesson Trump’s critics should’ve learned by now.

Impeachment, Democrats, and those 90,000 documents

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Schiff, Pelosi, and their colleagues were not telling the whole "documents" story. They got the 90,000 figure, apparently, from Clinton's rebuttal to the Starr report, the report independent counsel Kenneth Starr turned over to Congress. In that rebuttal, given to Congress on September 11, Clinton's lawyers wrote: "During the past four and a half years, the President has...produced more than 90,000 pages of documents and other items" to investigators. But not to Congress. The Clinton situation was entirely different from the one Schiff and his fellow Democrats face today. Starr was an independent counsel, with full law enforcement powers, and his office issued many grand jury subpoenas.

Democrats’ ‘unfixable’ extremism uses Trump as an excuse

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

If as expected the current impeachment ends in acquittal, it’s not far-fetched to believe there could be another one even before November. When you hate a president this much, you can never have too many impeachments. Besides, the mere talk of removing Trump gets more attention — and donations — than anything else the party and its candidates are ­offering. Trump returns the antipathy, of course, and his donors open their wallets in support, guaranteeing that the civil war engulfing our ­politics from sea to shining sea is not going to end soon. Even the election won’t be a cure. Regardless of who wins in November, it’s impossible to believe that a “Kumbaya” moment is on the horizon.

Assault on America, Day 386: God-given rights, Democrats, and the meaning of peaceful protest

These are strange times when the government fears the rights-respecting public and declares a “State of Emergency” when groups of law-abiding citizens exercise their freedoms. Virginia serves as a shining example for the rest of the country on how bad things will happen when Democrats assume the reins of power.

The Dems Still Don’t Know Why Trump Won in 2016

David Catron, The American Spectator

The main reason HRC was beaten is that she represented a status quo characterized by chronic corruption, anemic economic performance, and transparent contempt for the voters.Perhaps the actual lesson — considering Trump’s continued successes in the face of quotidian slander by the legacy media, years of federal and congressional investigations based on implausible conspiracy theories, a hyper-partisan impeachment based on hearsay, and an upcoming Senate trial pursuant to offenses that wouldn’t justify removing him from office even if they were true — is that Democrats can no longer be trusted with power. The Democrats themselves will never absorb this lesson, however. They still don’t get how Trump won in 2016.

House impeachment will be a 'permanent stain' on Dems' legacy

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

Mr. Trump’s call to Ukraine’s president, which is at the heart of the impeachment articles, does not meet the standard of seriously harming the public or compromising the president’s ability to do his job as shown by the China trade deal and the trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada, both signed and passed days after impeachment. Mrs. Pelosi summed up the true motives of Democrats when she said that regardless of what the Senate does, impeachment will be a “permanent stain” on President Trump’s legacy. In fact, the stain will be on Democrats. It is Democrats who have plotted ways to reverse the will of voters who elected Mr. Trump. It is Democrats who fear he will be overwhelmingly re-elected in November.

Assault on America, Day 385: Inauguration Day is less than a year away. Will it be Trump X 2?

With impeachment in the rearview mirror, Trump can then go back to tweeting about falling unemployment and foreign policy and energy production and advancing the country’s economic standing. And trade deals. Or continuing to crackdown on illegal immigration. It’s the stuff of victory, isn’t it? We’ll see on Inauguration Day next year.

Two deceptions at the heart of Democrats' impeachment brief

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Democrats insist on Trump's immediate removal because, they argue, he was the knowing beneficiary of Russian help in the 2016 election, and if he is not thrown out of office right now, he will do it again. But in making their argument, Democrats make two critical mischaracterizations about Trump, Republicans, and 2016. One is flat-out wrong, while the other is misleading. Neither mischaracterization in the Democratic brief is a mistake; Democratic prosecutors know full well what actually happened. But the mischaracterizations are necessary to build the case against the president, to show that he had corrupt motives in the Ukraine matter. They are, of course, not the entire case, but they are important. And they are wrong.

Not Impeachment, a Nervous Breakdown

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

America is having a nervous breakdown—a serious, perhaps fatal one to its future. And It’s caused by the left. Or what purports to be the left because, other than Bernie Sanders and his jejune followers, most of these people aren’t real leftists who, at least, believe in something, as wrong-headed as it is. Many are rich people who long ago abandoned the working class—those are Trump’s people—in favor of fostering a sense of deprivation among grievance groups who have little (almost nothing historically) to be upset about. This excessive primacy of neurosis in politics—some of it obviously is always there—is dangerous to our republic, perhaps terminally, and to us all personally.

Assault on America, Day 384: Schiff and Dems’ sensational sham trial won’t get anyone to watch

Regardless of the way individual senators eventually vote on impeachment, this week’s beginning of the trial will be an overly contrived -- but not all that interesting -- show designed to sway public opinion. Will Americans bother to tune-in to something they’ve already been bombarded with for years?

Trump’s Official Answer To Democrats’ Articles Of Impeachment

House Democrats’ impeachment articles are constitutionally invalid and the result of a lawless process devoid of even the most basic due process. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to demand that the Senate expeditiously hear and reject the Democrats’ anti-constitutional attempt to impeach President Trump.

Is Hunter Biden Closer To Testifying In Senate Impeachment Trial?

Speaking on Sunday's political talk shows, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Democrat Senator Sharrod Brown came to opposite conclusions about whether Hunter Biden would be called to testify in President Trump's Senate impeachment trial. Sen. Cruz said Democrats were terrified and would never let it happen, while Sen. Brown said he was OK with the idea as part of a witness reciprocity deal.

Assault on America, Day 383: Impeachment farce will sound Democrats’ death knell in November

Democrats can have it as dirty as they want with impeachment. If they insist on dragging the trial out, it will not only engulf Trump’s state of the union address, it will swamp their early state primaries as well. In the meantime, nothing will get accomplished and voters will be angry enough to vent come Election day. Bring it on.

A Literal Show Trial Begins

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

The Democrats' attempt at shifting the narrative, prompted by a public unmoved by the House hearings, mirrors the shifting justifications to impeach a president that many Democrats wished to remove before he even took office. The Senate trial features the theatrics, histrionics even, of stage and screen. It just lacks the suspense. When the theatergoer knows the outcome before the first act, the play cannot help but bore. At least the audience gets a happy ending here. And that, of course, works as a recipe for a sequel or two — or 10. The bad guys, from Jason to the Joker, always look to exact their revenge. But in shows as in show trials, the public appetite wanes over time. Yawn.

Stop With the Silly 'Centrist' Labels for Democrats

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

The most abused adjective in political reporting is the label "centrist." It should tell you everything about the politician. Unfortunately, it tells us far more about those applying the label. Where this all gets ridiculous is the presidential field. It's happening again in this cycle. With extreme socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders in the race, anyone who isn't endorsing a socialist position — like redistributing wealth, abolishing private health insurance and shredding the fossil fuel industry — is categorized as a centrist. Defending the leftist lurch that was Obamacare is now the centrist position in this daffy media dictionary. Socialists are liberals, and semi-socialists are moderates.

Four Impeachment Witnesses The Senate Must Call

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to demand that if there are witnesses called in the impeachment trial of President Trump, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Eric Ciaramella and Adam Schiff should be the first ones called.

Assault on America, Day 380: Democrat physics lesson shows Bernie and Liz can’t share space

It doesn’t take a legendary physicist to suggest two politicians can’t both occupy the same space at the same time. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been walking a fine line since the beginning of the Democrat presidential race. With a little over two weeks to go until Iowa, the pressure is mounting on both of them.

Democrats are just still not over 2016 election

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

For many Democrats, impeachment always was a cause waiting for facts. Regarding him as an interloper who wasn’t fit to be president, some talked of trying to remove Trump before he was inaugurated. Driven by radicals rising in their party, Dem congressional leaders largely refused to negotiate with the president over anything, even when they took the House in 2018. It looks like the impeachment trial will begin, likely next week. Many questions remain unresolved, including whether there will be majority support for other witnesses and documents. The only thing we know for certain is that this disgraceful spectacle is taking place for one simple reason: Democrats can’t get over 2016.

Assault on America, Day 379: Awful Virginia Democrat gun grab begs for a Trumpian retort

The presidential election is still months away and there’s much that can and will happen between now and then to influence it, but President Trump can help his cause today by highlighting the awful Democrat-led gun grab in Virginia. By doing so, the commonwealth might just go back to being a red state, too.