Donald Trump

Viguerie: Trump’s ‘Balloon has been punctured’

Paul Bremmer, WND

“He underperformed and I think his balloon has been punctured,” said Richard Viguerie, chairman of and a direct mail fundraising pioneer. “The only person who has gone after Trump and has won is Cruz, and now I think others are going to be emboldened to do that.”

The Case for a Cruz-Trump Coalition

Laura Ingraham, Lifezette

Going forward, Trump should drop the Canadian birthplace line of attack, and Cruz should stop ridiculing Trump. Instead, both should focus on the failures of the Rubio Establishment — like their support for the Trans Pacific Partnership, immigration amnesty and increasing the budget deficit.

Iowa ruins the ‘Inevitable’

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham

The results in the Iowa caucuses are a rebuke to the notion that the national media have all the influence over America's voters. Donald Trump has been the overwhelmingly dominant figure on television news. Even his decision to duck a debate was treated as bigger news than the actual event, and he almost fell to third place in Iowa.

The Establishment Media Misses The Real Message In Cruz’s Iowa Victory

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Ted Cruz’s victory in the Iowa Caucuses blew the Republican establishment's idea of a pause or truce in the battle for the culture right out of the sky. Cruz’s unabashed appeal to faith-first voters, his vast support among politically active conservative Christians and Jews, and his deep personal faith guarantee that the cultural issues will not be off the table this campaign.

Is a new era upon us?

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

The Beltway elites may succeed in blocking Trump or Ted Cruz. But the eventual nominee and the party will have to respect and to some degree accommodate the agendas of the rebellion on immigration, border security, trade and anti-intervention, or face a fatal split.

Cruz Crushes Trump And Rubio In Iowa

Despite the millions of dollars spent against him, the opposition of the entire Republican political establishment and the media fascination with Donald Trump, last night Ted Cruz proved that, when given the choice, voters will vote for the principled limited government constitutional conservative candidate who sticks to his principles – and who runs a smart campaign.

The Fundamental Rules of Politics Still Apply

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

The rules themselves still matter. Donald Trump’s campaign looks like it is defying the rules because it is defying campaign orthodoxy and what consultants recommend. Trump’s campaign is certainly blowing up campaign strategies in some cases, but the rules are still there and I believe they still matter.

Republican Race Very Much In Flux In Iowa On Caucus Day

Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller

Nearly half of likely caucus-goers — 45 percent, according to the Des Moines Register poll — say they could still be persuaded to support a different candidate. Almost all the voters The Daily Caller talked to at Rubio and Cruz rallies over the last two days said they hadn’t definitively chosen a candidate, with most still deciding between some combination of Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

Vote Cruz in Iowa as if the Republic Depends on It

Ted Cruz represents the conservative movement within the GOP, and if he wins, he brings a new class of conservative activists to Washington, who would displace the present feckless Republican establishment.  And this is what the Republican establishment fears more than anything; when Ted Cruz wins he brings more than a new Republican administration to power – he brings us – the limited government constitutional conservative movement to power.

What Donald Trump voters really care about and why he can’t help them

For Donald Trump’s backers, it all boils down to one thing – Trump is a smart, blunt-talking businessman who has succeeded his whole life and will fix things. He’s from outside the system and that’s enough. He’ll make great deals whereas all the previous government leaders have been too stupid to know a good deal if it smacked them across the face. But the Trump candidacy is a ruse. There’s only one candidate who can truly deliver on what they want.

iVoterGuide Has The Lowdown On Trump, Cruz And Rubio

Who is the real Ted Cruz?  Who is the real Donald Trump?  Who is the real Marco Rubio? To find critical facts necessary to answer questions about a candidate, many conservatives turn to   iVoterGuide has gathered all the facts about ALL of the candidates into one easy-to-use voter guide.

Donald Trump vs. The Constitution

Editors, Washington Examiner

At a time of high anxiety over the economy, jobs, and terrorism, Trump's authoritarian politics may reassure some voters who, with some justification, have lost faith in the federal government's political will do do its job. But however justified their concerns, Trump should not be the answer for anyone who wants constitutional government.

Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum End Their Campaigns and Kneel Before Zod

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

At the Trump event, with a sign on the podium that “TRUMP” and “Make America Great Again,” Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum entered to play second fiddle to Trump’s well-tuned music. They met their Zod and kneeled. Like conquered kings paraded in a Triumph through the streets of Rome, Santorum and Huckabee were paraded through Drake University, now the vassals of Donald Trump.

Could THIS be the real reason Donald Trump chickened out on the Iowa debate?

Bill S, RedState

Trump may claim that some of his liberal positions have changed with time, but this would have to be one really quick change.  Now that the truth about his positions on immigration are bubbling to the surface, Trump is undoubtedly not excited about facing questions about what he truly thinks about the topic that seems most dear to his most rabid supporters.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Establishment’s last shot fails to bag Ted Cruz

Thursday's debate proved there's plenty of life without Donald Trump. Plus, Crazy conspiracy theory: Trump is looking for an exit strategy; Death March of the undercard former Iowa winners; Candidates enjoy a seven-on-none power play against Trump, don’t even shoot the puck; With Trump gone, it was kick Ted Cruz night; Establishment vs. establishment, everyone loses, and, Summing it up – let’s get it started already.

Ted Cruz Super PACs Offer Big $$ for Vets if Trump Will Debate Him One-on-One In Iowa

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

The press release made clear the parameters of the pro-Cruz Super PACs’ offer: The debate must be between just Trump and Cruz, must take place on or before Sunday Jan. 31 in Iowa, must be one-hour long, and the candidates can pick a jointly-agreed-to moderator themselves. Cruz announced he has a venue and time and place already set for it.

Hey Evangelicals! Heard the Latest Bible Knowledge From Trump?

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

Appearing on Bill O'Reilly's Fox News program, Trump misquoted the Sermon on the Mount, claiming Jesus’s words help justify his skipping tonight’s debate -- that it’s "an eye for an eye." Yes, Donald Trump, the Bible does say that. And Jesus specifically says not to engage in retaliation like that.