Donald Trump

August doldrums and Donald Trump

Erick Erickson, RedState

Fresh off another successful RedState gathering in Georgia, Erick Erickson reflects on Donald Trump’s inability to stay off the front page. Publicity to a presidential candidate is usually a good thing, though not the type of coverage Trump is receiving.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: The unrepentant Donald

A mere few days after the stimulating first Republican debate in Cleveland, the buzz continues regarding several of the candidates – particularly Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina, but for different reasons. And, Jeb Bush takes the gloves off at the RedState gathering.

Trump: Megyn Kelly 'behaved very badly'

Ian Swanson, The Hill

“But the questions to me were not nice. I didn’t think they were appropriate, and I think Megyn behaved very badly personally.” Trump said his questions were far tougher than the others and meant to drive down his poll numbers.

Conservatives split on field at RedState gathering

Ryan Lovelace, Washington Examiner

Several attendees of RedState's watch party for Fox News' debate of GOP presidential candidates told the Washington Examiner they think executive experience matters most as a trait the next GOP presidential nominee must possess. But the candidate who received the most frequent and sustained applause during the debate appeared to be Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Rand Paul vs. the others

Manu Raju, Politico

The 52-year-old tea party Republican clearly calculated that he needed to amp it up in the debate. That was clear from the start. Paul first challenged Donald Trump about his failure to pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee and kept up the pressure throughout the debate.

Who got the most airtime at the debate?

Jason Russell, Washington Examiner

Donald Trump spoke for more than twice as long as Rand Paul did. Trump spoke for almost 11 minutes in the two-hour debate. Paul spoke for a little more than five minutes. The average was about seven minutes per candidate.

The Bush News Network Tries To Take Out Trump

The problem for the Republican establishment and the DC political class is that Trump’s rapid rise in the polls is not about Trump – it’s about his message – and no one came away from last night’s debate saying, “well Trump was his usual bombastic self, so I guess I’ll abandon him and vote for Jeb Bush.”

First Republican Debate: Would YOU pledge to vote for Jeb?

For weeks we’ve been wondering how the Republican field would handle the presence of Donald Trump on stage with the rest of the “conventional” candidates. On Thursday night in Cleveland, we got the answer. Trump delivered perhaps the most unconventional “performance” in a debate that we’ve ever witnessed – and his presence literally forced all the other candidates to get serious about staking out and defending their positions.

Fox News “Happy Hour” debate: Fiorina wins convincingly on the undercard

The arena was empty, the candidates were verbose and the substance was light. Carly Fiorina appeared to be the only candidate who will clearly benefit from Fox’s “Happy Hour” lower-tier debate.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Rock n’ roll in Cleveland tonight

Even with the field set for tonight’s long anticipated first “official” Republican presidential debate, a cloud of distrust still hovers over the event. Plus, will you tune-in for the “Happy Hour” debate, and, what if Trump wins the nomination?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Prepare the starting gate, the race is about to begin

We now know who will be on stage for the Fox News debate in Cleveland on Thursday night. Plus, reaction continues to trickle in from Monday night’s forum, the latest candidate who is supposedly “in trouble,” and finally, Dems love Hillary no matter what she does.

Voters First Forum: Two Winners And A Bunch Of Losers

While there was no actual “debate” at last night's "Voters First Forum" give the organizers some credit; the one-on-one format of questions from a moderator with no give and take among the candidates did allow each candidate to put their best foot forward. But what putting their best foot forward showed is that most of them are Lilliputians compared to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Trump Triumphant

Erick Erickson, RedState

The simple truth of Thursday is that Trump has the least to lose and is least likely to lose it. The other simple truth is that Trump’s campaign would not even exist if the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. kept its promises and liked the non-monied portion of its base.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Are the Republicans making history?

With the hours counting down until Thursday night’s first official Republican presidential debate, talk remains centered on polls and which candidates will get the chance to face off in the primetime portion of the program. Plus, Chris Christie’s big talk and Ben Carson says no to political correctness.

Donald Trump third in STL Tea Party poll; Ted Cruz on top

Gregg Palermo, FOX 2 News (St. Louis)

Donald Trump is surging in GOP presidential polls ahead of next week’s first Republican debate among the party’s presidential candidates, but the controversial businessman finished third in a sampling of conservative activists, according to a survey released Saturday by the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition.

Trump Surges in New NBC News/WSJ Poll

Carrie Dann, NBC News

Days before the first Republican debate, Donald Trump has surged into the national lead in the GOP primary race, with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush following, a new NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll shows. Trump is the first choice of 19 percent of GOP primary voters, while 15 percent back Walker and 14 percent back Bush.

Why Trump Is Good for the GOP

Paul Goldman & Mark J. Rozell, Politico is merely the latest quadrennial installment in this presidential election saga, complete as always with disdain from the “serious” candidates and the “mainstream” press. But rather than spurn the disruption, the GOP would do well to focus on what’s going wrong. It isn’t complicated.

Is Trump the one-man, 2016 Tea Party wave?

Fox News

Trump’s success in harnessing populist energy and enthusiasm is reminiscent of 2010’s Tea Party wave. Naturally, there are comparisons.

Just Be Yourself Mr. Trump

While Jeb Bush is cramming for this week's GOP presidential candidates debate Donald Trump doesn’t have to. He’s at the top of the national polls not because he managed to memorize a bunch of poll-tested lines fed to him by rented “friends,” consultants and advisers, but because he’s speaking for millions of country class Americans who are fed-up with government by the political class, of the political class and for the political class.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: The phenomenon of Trump

Entering perhaps the most important week thus far in the campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, the question of “who’s in, who’s out” (Thursday’s debate, that is) is becoming a little clearer. Also, the ‘real’ Rand Paul campaign, and, how about a 3rd Obama term?