Donald Trump

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Are Donald Trump and Ben Carson real conservatives?

Jesus had a ground game and the “outsiders” will need one too. Plus, Gallup’s exit and snapshots in time; Are Trump and Carson feeling the heat because of a lack of conservative credentials?; No joke: Mitt Romney for Speaker rumors, and, Does anyone buy Jeb Bush as a ‘disruptor?’

How Republicans Should Handle Donald Trump

Chries King, American Thinker

Instead of dissing The Donald, Republicans should enjoy him, embrace him and include him – even if he doesn’t end up being the party nominee.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Bobby Jindal says everyone needs skin in the game

Gallup is no longer polling the horse race. Plus, Bobby Jindal says everyone needs skin in the game; Ted Cruz hasn’t made his move yet and when he does, watch out; Rand Paul asks Iowa backers to design his next TV ad, and, Is it time for Jeb to drop out?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is this the end of the Mitt Romney rumors?

Ann Romney said it was the "right decision" not to run again in 2016. Plus, Trump jabs at Romney’s top strategist; Fiorina fires back at Planned Parenthood president; If Carly is the anti-Hillary, then Ben Carson is the anti-Obama; Let them all debate, and, Jeb hints George W. is “conservative lite."

Will conservatives break the RINO spell in 2016?

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg

But with a swath of “outsider” candidates gaining traction, and the party's historical tendency to nominate an establishment figure, conservatives have their work cut out in uniting behind one to carry the party's torch.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Planned Parenthood president calls Carly Fiorina a liar

Donald Trump’s polling lead in the early states is shrinking, but pollsters say don’t trust them to get it right this year. Plus, this week’s Rand Paul fold the tent rumor; Donald Trump doesn’t need advertising when he’s got Twitter; Planned Parenthood president calls Carly a liar, and, George W. to stump for Jeb in South Carolina?

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank Hands Donald Trump 10,000 Votes In Iowa

The political class sees the GOP primary season as an exercise in pandering to grassroots conservatives’ demands for a limited constitutional government, lower taxes and policies based on traditional values, but once the nomination is secured the candidate is supposed to "pivot to the center." What alarms establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney and apparently offends The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank is that this year Republican primary voters are not buying the scam.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ted Cruz is right – run and hide from the establishment

Ben Carson leads Donald Trump in a new poll. Plus, liberal lawyer cites Carson as a role model; Carson is saving a place in his administration for… Donald Trump; Jeb Bush puts his foot in his mouth, Rubio shrugs; Cruz and Rubio as the last men standing?, and, Run and hide from the establishment.

Trump: I’ll send the Syrian refugees back

Elliot Smilowitz, The Hill

“I’m putting the people on notice that are coming here from Syria as part of this mass migration,” he told an audience in Keene, N.H. “If I win, they’re going back. They’re going back. I’m telling you. They’re going back.”

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ben Carson’s character and faith

Ben Carson’s faith and character lead him onward. Plus, the establishment’s earth is quaking and it’s shifting towards Rubio… and Romney?; Fiorina compares herself to legendary champion, talks tough on Russia, and, Huckabee combines Washington and American culture in new TV ad.

Trump and Palin forge unlikely political alliance

Jim Geraghty, National Review

Both have starred in reality shows, both are used to crushing media attention, and both pitch themselves as the voice of a new silent majority ignored, mocked, and demonized by hostile media and political elites.

Trump embraces role of renegade

Niall Stanage, The Hill

Some of Trump’s proposals mesh comfortably with conservative populism, notably his hard line on illegal immigration and his insistence that the United States needs to strike better trade deals. But at other times, the businessman seems to set his course against the prevailing winds of conservative opinion.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Jeb Bush is no longer inevitable. What’s the establishment to do?

Ann Romney says they’re still “assessing” the presidential race. Plus, Ben Carson’s mastery of the media, social and otherwise; More troubling poll numbers for Donald Trump, and, Oh no, Jeb Bush is no longer inevitable. What’s the establishment to do?

Meet the Four Kinds of GOP Voters

Hugh Hewitt, Politico

Not all of them, of course, are conservatives or even Republicans, since independents and even Democrats can vote in some of the early GOP primaries. Figuring out who these voters are and what they’re looking for is critical to each of the remaining candidates—because they’re not all equally up for grabs.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Rand Paul on his way out?

Donald Trump boosts 60 Minutes’ ratings (and more on his tax plan). Plus, is the next candidate to drop out…Rand Paul?; Carly Fiorina, the anti-feminist, and, Lindsey Graham is mad at the RNC; now it’s time to get serious.

A new class of presidential hopefuls

Heather Madden, American Spectator

The unpopularity of career politicians has set the stage for the rise of a new class of political outsiders and a particular popularity for the candidates who speak extemporaneously, shoot from the hip and buck the Washington establishment at every turn.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: The Donald goes all-in on taxing the rich

Donald Trump releases his tax plan, calls for higher taxes on the rich. Plus, Ted Cruz gearing up for consequential moment; Ben Carson speaks the truth, gets rewarded, and, Who’s the one Jeb fears most? It’s not The Donald.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Jeb Bush says early polls don’t matter

The RNC won’t share criteria for inclusion in next month’s debate. Plus, Values Voters choose Cruz for third year in a row; A close look at Carly Fiorina’s record reveals she needs further examination; Candidates need to be vetted; Trump lawyer provides glimpse of The Donald, and, Jeb says early polls don’t matter.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: A GOP contest like nothing we’ve seen before

Trump leads in three new polls, but has he peaked? Plus, Jindal smells a rat; Donations for Ben Carson soar after expressing his opinion on a Muslim president, and, Is the presidential race moving into uncharted waters?

Donald Amongst the Eggheads

R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr., American Spectator

The think tank eggheads bring to politics neatly tailored plans to address such problems as income distribution or the immigration conundrum. Trump clarifies issues. To income distribution he brings plans for economic growth and jobs. To the immigration question he identifies the problem.