Donald Trump

Why are Obama and Ryan Ignoring this Patriot?

This administration has a deadly blind spot when it comes to Islamic terrorism. It is not willing to allow proper vetting and screening of refugees or immigrants from Islamic countries; Congress must take action to defend the security of the American people. Phillip Haney, retired DHS Customs & Border Protection Officer

Establishment threatens to bail if an “outsider” wins nomination

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart

It wouldn’t matter at all whether Trump were the establishment’s enemy or whether it was Senator Sen. Ted Cruz, currently the second-place finisher in national polls. So long as the frontrunner remains an outsider, the establishment will use all of its power to stop them, including the threat of a third-party run.

Trump spells trouble for Clinton

Ross Kaminsky, American Spectator

He’s done it to Jeb Bush, he’s done it to Ben Carson, he did it early on to Rick Perry and then to Scott Walker — feats that he isn’t shy to remind us about. And now his aim has turned toward Hillary Clinton. Unless she is some sort of GMP (Genetically Modified Politician) who is immune to political Roundup, she should be very worried.

It Is Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Not Donald Trump, In An ISIS Recruiting Video

streiff, RedState

Hillary Clinton made the astonishing claim that Donald Trump was being used in ISIS recruiting videos. That resulted in a quick bit of “fact checking” by the progressive media which revealed that, no, Donald Trump wasn’t being used in ISIS recruiting videos. As it turns out, there is a prominent American featured in an ISIS recruiting video and that person is Bill Clinton.

Jeb Refuses To Back Trump Over Clinton In CNN Interview

Blake Neff, Daily Caller

Jeb Bush refused to answer a question over whether he’d support Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton for the presidency in an appearance on CNN Thursday night, lending further support to claims he is backing out of a pledge to back the final GOP nominee.

Trump and Cruz Won Tuesday’s GOP Debate, Establishment Candidates Clear Losers

The results left no doubt that conservatives continue to reject the old, established leadership of the GOP, looking to candidates whose words and deeds demonstrate an eagerness to overturn the radical agenda of the Obama administration rather than accommodate it.

Can Marco Rubio Lie His Way To The Presidency?

During Tuesday’s CNN debate Jeb Bush told populist frontrunner Donald Trump “You can't insult your way to presidency.” But as Trump pointed out, he’s at 41% and Jeb is fading fast at 4%. However, aside from “insulting your way to the presidency” there’s a second way to get to the presidency apparently favored by the neo-con establishment, and that is the good old fashioned lying preferred by Marco Rubio.

Rubio “Rattled” in CNN’s Testosterone Booster Debate

Last night’s CNN national security debate was a testosterone-fueled neo-con slugfest in which most of the candidates vied with one another over how quickly after their election they would launch another Mideast invasion. But Marco Rubio, the campaign's leading hawk, lost his cool when Rand Paul and Ted Cruz hammered him on his advocacy of amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders and jihadist refugee resettlement while Donald Trump decried the enormous cost of the disastrous policies Rubio has advocated.

Limbaugh and Levin defend Cruz against Trump charges

Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner

On Monday the two nationally syndicated radio hosts came to Ted Cruz's aid, bashing Donald Trump for tearing into a fellow anti-establishment candidate to their combined audiences of millions.

Trump in Cross Hairs in tonight’s GOP debate

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

The emerging political rivalry between Trump and Cruz has escalated within the past week and promises to play out in full view of voters at the debate.. After The New York Times reported last week that the Texas senator questioned Trump’s “judgment” during a private fundraiser, the frontrunner countered with a similar assertion on “Fox News Sunday,” saying Cruz has legislated in the upper chamber “like a little bit of a maniac.”

The Most Important Question Donald Trump Must Answer Tonight

The attitude that everything is negotiable is at its core is why conservatives have come to despise the current establishment Republican leadership on Capitol Hill and celebrate Senator Cruz as the leader of principled constitutional conservatives in Congress. Mr. Trump remains an effective message carrier for grassroots frustration with Washington, but he has yet to tell conservatives what he would actually do if elected and answer the most important question of the campaign; “change to what?”

Tennessee State Representatives Look To Fight Obama -- Ryan -- Haslam Sponsored Muslim Invasion

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, like US House Speaker Paul Ryan, has talked a good game on stopping Obama from importing more potential Muslim terrorists to America, but like Ryan he has failed to take any real action. When it comes to real action to halt the "refugee" resettlement program in Tennessee it is State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver who has stepped forward to protect the people of Tennessee and America from this existential threat.

If Republicans Broker Their Convention, the GOP Can Go to H--l

Erick Erickson,

The truth is, for the last several years, the GOP Establishment has incrementally changed the rules of the party to ensure that the donors and establishment would get to pick the candidate. But it has blown up in their faces. It has not worked the way they expected. Now they are in freak out mode because of Donald Trump.

Brooks Gets ‘Naked’ on Cruz

David Brooks, establishment Republican opinion slinger for The New York Times and Public Broadcasting, thinks Ted Cruz is not just ambitious, but nakedly ambitious. For conservatives who don’t read Brooks, his article is a jewel of an insight to establishment thought.