Establishment Republicans

Syria Gets IL Rep. Tea Party Challenger

David Guiliani, Morris Daily Herald

David Hale, founder of the Rockford IL Tea Party, announced he's running against Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R). Kinzinger’s support of Obama on Syria prompted Hale to run. 

Conservatives Reject GOP OCare Plan

Russell Berman and Erik Wasson, The Hill

The House GOP leaders' struggle to sell their ObamaCare plan to conservatives was dealt another blow when the Club for Growth, Heritage Action, and FreedomWorks announced their opposition to the plan.

Graham Tanking in Polls

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Lindsey Graham has dropped to below 50% in the polls, meaning he is particularly vulnerable to a runoff strategy conservatives have employed against him.

Field Clearing for Joe Carr to Take on Establishment GOP Senator Alexander

After the first BEAT LAMAR candidate forum on August 31 in Nashville the field of potential conservative primary opponents is beginning to clear for constitutional conservative state Rep. Joe Carr to take on establishment GOP Senator Lamar Alexander in Tennessee’s hotly contested U.S. Senate Republican primary election.

Amnesty Push May Sting Graham

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

Immigration reform's potency as a GOP incumbent will be put to the test in SCarolina, where LGraham faces three primary challenges. If he wins, amnesty may pass.

Estab. GOP Consultant Backs Dem

Richmond Times Dispatch Staff

Boyd Marcus, an establishment GOP "strategist", displayed his true colors and endorsed Clinton lackey Dem. Terry McAuliffe for governor. Marcus will become a TMac consultant.

Christie: Establishment Darling

Robert Costa, National Review Online

The NJ governor cements the support of Republican power brokers by repairing rifts with Romney supporters with big wallets. 

Tennessee GOP Senate Race Heating Up: Joe Carr to Speak at BEAT LAMAR Forum in Nashville

Tennessee State Representative Joe Carr has announced he will challenge incumbent establishment Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and now he's also speaking at the BEAT LAMAR candidate forum in Nashville on August 31.

SBrown 'Curious' About 2016

Hillary Chabot, Boston Herald

Former Mass. Senator Scott Brown visited the Iowa State Fair and commented, "It’s 2013, I think it’s premature, but I am curious. There’s a lot of good name recognition in the Dakotas and here."

Generic Conservative Takes Out Establishment Republican Senator Alexander

A newly released survey by Triton Polling found that a generic "credible conservative candidate" leads Senator Lamar Alexander 49.5 percent to 44.9 percent. It doesn't take much in-depth analysis to figure out why: Alexander is in trouble because 65 percent of Republican voters view him as "moderate" or "liberal."

This is a Conservative?

The establishment media has two typical "conservatives" it presents to its audience. One is an extremist or "wing nut" and the other is a more or less Republican-oriented individual whose views, when presented to the public, move the definition of “conservative” significantly to the left.

Estab. GOP May Cost R's The House

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

Levin blasted R. House leaders, warning that by attacking more conservative R's, Boehner and Reps. Ryan and Cantor are throwing away the '14 elections.

LamarA Using Taxpayer Funds

Daniel Horowitz, Red State

Alexander earmarked $400,000 for the taxpayer-funded TN State Museum, which coordinated with his staff to create an exhibit on the lawmaker that would travel TN during his campaign.

Lib Amnesty Group Defends Ryan

Jennifer Martinez, The Hill

The misleadingly named Americans for a Conservative Direction, a pro-immigration group funded by Facebook's CEO, is running a TV ad that defends Paul Ryan's support of immigration reform. 

Gingrich: Intervention Is Wrong

Ralph Z. Hallow, The Washington Times

Newt Gingrich, a neocon hawk, says the U.S. military interventions he used to support has backfired and needs to be re-evaluated.

Shock: McConnell Behind In Polls

David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Dem grimes leads McConnell by 1% in a new poll. McConnell's favorability rating has dipped considerably.

Thank You Rush

Until the Republican Party at the national level rediscovers its principles, or better yet limited government constitutional conservatives takeover, nationally the Republican Party will remain what Rush Limbaugh so insightfully pointed out it has become – a second Party of pushback against conservatives – and that’s a dead brand if there ever was one.

Justin Amash's Revolution

W. James Antle III, American Conservative

The Michigan Repub’s unlikely coalition almost defies the NSA—and the Washington establishment.

Graham Will Get Tea Party Challenger

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner

Former SC GOP chair said that LG would get a Tea Party challenger, but would win reelection.

Will McConnell Block Obamacare Shutdown?

Erick Erickson, Red State

MM is pressuring R's to retreat from the MLee effort. Lee was asked to remove his signature from his own letter.