Establishment Republicans

Even GOP-e Agree: Can't Rely on OCare to Win

John Gizzi, NewsMax

Former RNC leader Michael Steele said, "Party leaders shouldn't think that just hawking anti-Obamacare rhetoric will give them electoral cache with African Americans, Hispanics, and women... there is everything else that Repubs have done to tick off those voters since 2010 that the party will need to reconcile before there is an appreciable movement toward the GOP."

Ted and Rush Help Obama Fix Health Care

The way to “fix” ObamaCare is to stand up for the limited government constitutional conservative principles Republicans claim to believe in. Senator Ted Cruz and conservative political commentator and talk show host Rush Limbaugh put the Republican establishment to shame by saying so.

Graham Plays Two-Face Politics

Streiff, Red State

Lindsey Graham has followed the estab. R's playbook – talk conservative at home but help Dems in DC – for years. It's catching up with him. WaPo revealed his threat to block Obama nominees until Benghazi survivors were allowed to speak to be nothing but a kabuki theater aimed at helping his electoral chances.

Repub Donor Class Is Clueless

Rush Limbaugh,

The Repub. rich business donor class seeks to unseat every Tea Party member of Congress so as to empower the estab. GOP majority so that there will be no opposition to, say, amnesty. And Dems won't accept a Repub president.

Christie: The New Tom Dewey?

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Based on what Chris Christie says, the future of the GOP is in digging up the moldy “non-ideology” that is really not just another ideology but for Establishment R's an obsessive ideology. The ideology of poor old (unsuccessful) Tom Dewey that promises defeat.

We Agree With Chris Christie (On Two Things)

Chris Christie's Sunday morning talk show marathon showed that the New Jersey Governor's major flaw as a Republican presidential candidate is not the messenger -- it is the Governor's lack of a conservative message.

Repubs. In Wake of Cuccinelli & Christie

Sally Zelikovsky, American Thinker

Here's a conservative electoral overview & evisceration of the usual Rove-Rubin GOP estab. talking points: We often let the left define our candidacies to such an extent we are playing defense to their accusations and distractions instead of controlling the narrative ourselves. 

The Anti-Cuccinelli Axis

Peter Ferrara, American Spectator

Here's how Demts, Repubs, and low information voters combined to defeat a conservative. The roots of Ken Cuccinelli’s 2.5 point loss to ultrapartisan Dem. McAuliffe were planted by Repub. incumbent Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Paul: Military Complex, DC to Blame in VA

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

Gov't bureaucrats strongly inclined to vote for Dems sunk Repub. Ken Cuccinelli’s bid for VA governor, especially those staffing the military-industrial complex, said Ron Paul.

Norquist Loves Christie

Alec Torres, National Review Online

President of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist heaped praise upon Chris Christie, calling him a “strong voice for conservative governance” who has “moved mountains” in his state. 

The Establishment Plays for Keeps, We Should Too

Politics in Virginia – and nationally – is now long past the ideas stage and become an all or nothing battle between principled limited government constitutional conservatives and establishment interests bent on retaining power. Unless and until we conservatives gain the same desperate will to win that the McAuliffe campaign and its allies showed in Virginia we are going to be starved for victory.

GOP-e Help Move LGBT Rights Bill

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

The Senate advanced legislation (The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA) that would make it illegal for employers to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers, putting pressure on reluctant House Repubs to take it up.

GOP War Rages in AL

Lara Seligman, The Hill

Amid a big effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to secure a win for former state Sen. Bradley Byrne (an estab. Repub.) in the deep-red AL01, polls show his race against conservative underdog Dean Young is a toss-up.

Cruz Gives Olive Branch to GOP?

Manu Raju, Politico

Ted Cruz told his colleagues that he would not intervene in their 2014 primary fights.

Cruz Fights Back Against Estab.

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Cruz came out swinging against his GOP Establishment critics, saying they needed to learn how to negotiate. Cruz also said that countless constituents wanted something done immediately to stop Obamacare, rejecting the notion that the GOP should simply stand back and let the program collapse of its own merit. 

The Grassroots Defend Viguerie: Goldberg is Wrong about the GOP Civil War

In a recent column, Jonah Goldberg attacked Richard Viguerie and the Tea Party, arguing that we conservatives are pushing a senseless war with establishment Republicans. Has Goldberg turned to "the dark side?" Timothy Birdnow's essay suggests he has.

Building GOP Majority on Quicksand

Daniel Horowitz, Fox News

Beltway Repubs accuse some conservative groups of working to undermine a Republican majority, both by engaging in “unwinnable” fights and by working to replace incumbent Republicans instead of focusing exclusively on growing our Senate numbers. Repubs must work to build an enduring conservative majority in the Senate.

Zombie Republicans

Jed Babbin, American Spectator

Problem One with the R. establishment’s narrative is that they haven’t created any strategies that have succeeded in forcing Obama to bargain a compromise. If they had a better idea than Cruz’s filibuster, we’ve yet to hear it.

Is Mitch McConnell Washington’s #1 Corrupt Bastard?

The one establishment Republican politician who arguably came out better than anyone else in the deal to end the stand-off over defunding ObamaCare and imposing real spending reform on the federal government was the Senate’s Republican Minority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Jeb Chides GOP For OCare Tactic

Sean Lengell, Washington Examiner

"Have a little bit of self-restraint. It might actually be a politically better approach to see the massive dysfunction," he said when asked about the GOP's Obamacare fight.