America’s unfriendly skies

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

A modernized air traffic control system would eliminate many, if not all of, the airline ticket taxes, and move toward a genuine user fee structure for use of the air space — something that will probably never happen as long as lobbyists are setting the pricing structure. Many liberal Republicans and Democrats may vote with the corporate interests and keep Congress in control. This gives more clout to the politicians and retains the tax preferences for the millionaires. Keep that in mind the next time a liberal professes to care about the “little guy.”

Cruz: Obama Admin The Most Anti-Israel Admin Ever

Real Clear Politics Staff

"Yesterday, we saw the FAA make an unprecedented decision to ban all air travel to the nation of Israel. And I've asked today the very simple question, did President Obama just unilaterally launch economic boycotts on the nation of Israel? Because John Kerry showed up in Israel, gave $47 million to Hamas in Gaza..."

Can Federalism Protect You From Government Drones?

State legislators and governors, who are closer to the concerns of the people, are acting to restrict the use of drones now that it has been revealed that federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are increasingly borrowing border-patrol drones for domestic surveillance operations.