FBI Investigation of IRS Targeting

Justice's IRS Connection

Wall Street Journal Staff

The lawyer who had tax-exempt cases coming and going. It was fishy enough when Dem. donor Barbara Bosserman was appointed to lead the Justice Dept. investigation of IRS targeting of conservative groups.

Cruz Grills FBI Director Over IRS Targeting Scandal: Director Ducks

Yesterday, our friend U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, really grilled FBI Director James Comey about the FBI's failure to vigorously investigate the IRS targeting of conservatives. Watch the video at the end of the article and please sign our letter of support to Senator Cruz; it's time to abolish the IRS.

House to Compel Lerner to Testify on IRS Targeting of TeaParty

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

House Repubs. announced that they are recalling Lois G. Lerner, the former IRS employee at the center of the tea party targeting scandal, to testify to Congress next week, saying she has critical information.

Dem Rep. Tries to Shut Down TeaParty Leader in IRS Hearing

Becket Adams, The Blaze

Liberal Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) dismissed a Tea Party leader’s concerns over being targeted by the IRS, prompting Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to swoop in. “Mr. Connolly wants us to believes that’s all a coincidence," Jordan said.

Tea Party Leaders Testify on IRS Targeting Scandal

Becket Adams, The Blaze

Two Tea Party leaders will testify Thursday before Congress on the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

Will: O Knows He Has Media Covering for Him on IRS

Brent Baker, NewsBusters.org

George Will zinged the media’s duplicity in how they have approached the IRS scandal versus past major scandals when a Repub. was President, a lack of interest Obama recognizes and, “hence, his sense of weariness and boredom as he discussed this with Bill O’Reilly.”

Why Is Obama Intervening in IRS Investigation?

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

White House spokesman Jay Carney waved off concerns over Obama’s public interference in the FBI investigation of the IRS. “Obviously we do not interfere with Justice Department investigations,” Carney said.

Cruz Slams Holder Over IRS Investigation

Right Scoop Staff

Eric Holder says that the FBI investigation of IRS over its targeting of conservatives ‘doesn’t warrant’ a special prosecutor and denies that the current investigator has any conflict of interest despite being a major Obama donor.

More Proof That the Investigation of IRS=SHAM

Mark Meckler, American Spectator

Letting the IRS take our money is a small matter compared to letting them steal our freedom.

Cruz Demands Special Prosecutor to Probe IRS Targeting

Drew McKenzie, NewsMax

"The administration has stonewalled any meaningful investigation," said Cruz. "No one has been indicted. Even a top IRS official implicated in the targeting has been able to avoid testifying before Congress...and eventually quietly retired."

Tea Party Lawyer: IRS Investigation Never 'Got Off the Ground'

Wanda Carruthers, NewsMax

The DOJ's investigation into the targeting of conservative tea party groups isn't in earnest. "It took eight months before we had the first contact by an FBI agent.

Repubs. Blast Decision Not to Pursue Criminal Charges in IRS Scandal

Newsmax Wires

Darrell Issa blasted what he called a questionable criminal investigation into the targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS, saying that anonymous leaks had harmed the inquiry. Issa criticized the DOJ after a media report that fed. authorities didn’t plan to pursue criminal charges in the case.

Obama Donor Leading Investigation of IRS's TeaParty Targeting

Napp Nazworth, Christian Post

A DOJ official who donated to Obama has been appointed to lead the investigation into the IRS's targeting of conservative groups. Two Repub. Congressmen asked that she be removed. The DOJ said that it cannot take political affiliation into account in hiring decisions.

FBI Probe of IRS Targeting of TeaParty: 7 Months Late

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

The FBI finally has begun to contact some of the tea party groups targeted by the IRS for inappropriate scrutiny, seven months after the investigation was supposed to have begun.

Investigation Into IRS Scandal is a Joke

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

Though the FBI and IRS launched investigations more than half a year ago into the targeting of conservatives, and the DOJ vowed to cooperate, none has contacted any of the 41 groups to figure out what happened.

IRS Hasn't Contacted Scandal Victims

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

It's been 4 months, but IRS targeting scandal investigators still haven't contacted any of the 40+ victimized conservative groups represented in the American Center for Law and Justice lawsuit.