Democrats Try Extra-Constitutional Plan To Revive ERA

Radical feminists and Far Left Democrats are trying to revive the ERA without going back to Congress and passing a new proposed constitutional amendment. Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier (CA-14) has introduced H.J.Res.38 in an attempt to bypass the biggest constitutional roadblock to the ERA’s revival; its failure to meet the 1982 extended deadline.

‘Unplanned’: What Would Susan B. Anthony Say?

David Catron, The American Spectator

Legendary feminists like Susan B. Anthony and other genuine fighters for women’s rights were ardent opponents of abortion. Anthony and Stanton would have regarded as utterly depraved the claim, made by Hillary Clinton in 2016, that unborn children have no rights. How would they respond to the barbaric pro-abortion law recently passed in New York? Probably with disbelief. And what would Susan B. Anthony say about Abby Johnson’s journey from Planned Parenthood naïf to pro-life activist? She would celebrate the unplanned salvation of her soul.

The Year Of Women’s Anger Will Only Escalate Unless Women Stop Pretending They’re Victims

D.C. McAllister, The Federalist

During the Women’s March, feminists said it was not an event, it was a movement, a movement of change. Feminism would regain its credibility and legitimacy. It would wrest moral authority from the “p-ssy-grabbing” scoundrels who stole it and gain dominance once more in American culture. But it didn’t work. In the weeks following the Women’s March, all the tears of celebrities flooding social media and hysterical warnings of Trump rolling back abortion rights dried up and fizzled into a mere whine.

Feminists vs. The Super Bowl Commercials

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

There was a whole group of alleged feminists who fired up their computers and got excited about the Super Bowl because they were really looking forward to… tweeting about which commercials offended them. They came up with a hashtag, #notbuyingit, which told these naughty companies that they weren’t going to be buying their products due to their “offensive” ads.

The War On Women Is Over & We Won

Emily Zanotti, American Spectator

Dems reap their condescension to women. Women got the message that all the Dems think about is their vaginas (when they think about women at all). R's should take this disaster to heart, and note that in many places where they mad

Univ Hurts Repubs, Helps Feminists

Robbie Soave, Daily Caller

Conservative students at UNC at Chapel Hill are angry over student government’s budget slashing for College Repubs while awarding extra funds to lib groups.