Rubio Aims for Comeback w/ Conservatives

Manu Raju, Politico

Rubio’s foray into the Deep South shows how quickly he has tried to put the bitter immigration fight behind him as he positions himself for a likely presidential bid in '16. He's now raising his profile by demanding a more aggressive U.S. response in the Ukraine crisis. 

FL Bill Would Protect Gun Owners From Insurance Discrimination

William Patrick, Watchdog.org

Legislation sponsored by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, offers gun owners the same protections afforded to those who suffer more widely recognized discriminatory abuses. If passed, gun owners would have a clear path to sue if they're denied coverage or their premium rates are unfairly raised. 

Rep. Trey Radel to Resign

Jake Sherman, Politico

Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL) will resign from Congress over being caught buying cocaine in '13. It’s up to FL Repub. Gov. Rick Scott to schedule a special election for Radel’s seat. His southwest Florida district is solidly red.

GOP Cracking Down on Primary Calendar (Watch Out FL)

Beth Reinhard, National Journal

The RNC is expected to stiffen penalties against states that schedule early primaries (excluding Iowa, New Hampshire, S. Carolina, or Nevada). Florida, this means you.

Rebranding Common Core To Sell The Lie

Once you control the curriculum in the schools, then you can dictate what students are supposed to think and feel, and how they are supposed to look at the world.

DNC Chair Caught Lying on Iran Sanctions

Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) told the FL press she's for sanctions, but told the DC press she's for Obama.

Why I’m Standing By Congressman Trey Radel

Unlike the hyper-partisans at the Democratic National Committee and most of the media who have been calling for Congressman Trey Radel’s head, as a resident of Florida and a voter in Congressional District 19, I can vote for or against Trey Radel. As things stand now, despite his conviction and now-acknowledged problems with drugs and alcohol, if Congressman Trey Radel chooses to run for re-election, I plan to vote for him again.

FL Retains Stand Your Ground Law

Gary Fineout, Associated Press

Scott wants protesters to lobby their local Reps. and provide ideas on ways to combat racial profiling.

Zimmerman Bill Burdens Taxpayers

Janeen Capizola, Biz Pac Review

The Zimmerman trial may be over, but taxpayers will likely be paying for it, and another hearing, for years.

Will Rubio Take Up Abortion Next?

Adam Smith, Tampa Bay Times

Now that Rubio has angered conservatives over amnesty, will taking up late-term abortion save him?

Has Rubio Become Charlie Crist?

Jonathon Moseley, American Thinker

Rubio’s forgotten how broken promises offend conservatives. He’s become the man he beat.

Forbes Lauds Rick Scott’s Tactics

Courtney Coren, Newsmax

Scott's tenure proves that cutting taxes and spending, plus regulation rollbacks bring results.

Allen West to Test Marco Rubio?

Katie Glueck, Politico

West disagrees with Rubio on amnesty and refused to rule out a potential challenge in 2016.