Frank Lautenberg

Did Christie Make a Smart Move?

Benjamin Brophy, American Spectator

Both Democrats and Republicans are ripping him for his Senate choice, but do appearances deceive?

Chris Christie: “Selfish Jerk”

Christopher Bedford, The Daily Caller

How many selfish things can Christie do to ruin America for his own benefit? Let’s count the ways.

Chris Christie’s Bum Rush

Robert Costa, National Review Online

Most New Jersey Republicans aren’t happy that Gov. Chris Christie set such an expedited primary.

Did Christie Have to Call a Special?

David Freddoso, Conservative Intelligence Briefing

Yes…and no. Conflicting statutes left some wiggle room, and Christie chose one interpretation.

Chris Christie and a Little History

Kevin Mooney, American Spectator

After his self-serving moves this week, New Jersey Repubs seem set to repeat the mistakes of 1994.

Christie Chooses October Special

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

Christie’s call for an October special election makes GOP retention of the seat that much harder.

Senate Choice Could Help Christie

Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics

Gov. Chris Christie has a chance to get back into the good graces of conservatives and Republicans.

Christie Faces Principled Choice

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

Gov. Chris Christie’s pick for the next Senator won’t be politically easy, but it will be crucial.