GOP Civil War

2016 GOP Prez Rivals Say They Can Ride The Wave

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Tea Party-backed senators eyeing 2016 bids are encouraged by the victory of an underfunded challenger to the GOP-E's House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Mainstream R's are fretting that Cantor's loss could signal a larger Tea Party uprising.

CHQ Helped Energize Virginia Patriots to Send a Message to DC GOP: Eric Cantor Vaporized

Dr. Dave Brat’s campaign was a true grassroots campaign. Chairman Richard Viguerie lent his name and marketing expertise to a series of potent email pitches that hit over 15,000 Virginia 7 Republican in-boxes in the days leading up to the election to support the efforts of the many grassroots activists who cared enough about the future of their country to knock on doors, send email, make phone calls, use social media and help get out the vote for Dave Brat.

Building a Movement vs. Trashing Your Opponent

Richard A. Viguerie, The Hill

The Tea Party movement orgs. that The Daily Caller & The HuffPo criticized for using “expensive” direct mail are building a movement, not just raising money for candidates or spend on TV ads. The proof of their success is clear from the results of the '12 elections.

Viguerie: MS Senate Runoff Proves Tea Party Not Dead

Scott Greer, Daily Caller

Conservative activist Richard Viguerie, whose newest book “Takeover” details the internal war for the soul of the GOP, says McDaniel forcing a runoff which he is predicted to win proves that the tea party is far from dead. “The fact we could beat an incumbent senator is huge.

The Trouble With 'Reform Conservatives'

Joel B. Pollack, Breitbart

The "reform conservative" movement, thus far, has failed to distinguish itself sufficiently from the liberal model because it regards citizens--especially in the so-called "middle class"--primarily as consumers of government services. 

Barack Obama Is The GOP'S MVP

W. James Antle III, Daily Caller

Without Obama, what would Republicans do? Conservative groups are spending $3 attacking Repubs. for every $1 they spend going after Dems. Nat'l party organs have been equally eager to savage tea party candidates. O's poor presidency & Obamacare are bouying R's in the polls.

'Gay' Marriage Will Destroy the GOP

Bryan Fischer,

The only hope America has is for the GOP to find its moral compass, summon the moral strength that animated its battle against slavery, and unapologetically and unambiguously endorse natural marriage with no concessions and no capitulations. If it doesn't, the GOP will seal its own fate and that of America with it.

Mississippi Conservatives: Vote Chris McDaniel TODAY

If you live in Mississippi and haven’t yet voted for Chris McDaniel we urge you to go straight to the polls and cast your ballot for Chris McDaniel for Senator and for real change in Washington.

CA Tea Party Orgs Make Endorsements for 6/3 Primaries

Leslie Eastman, Legal Insurrection

Cal. Tea Party groups are showing that they're not only alive and kicking, but actively seeking to make a difference in Tues.’s gubernatorial primary election. “Our groups have made an exception to their no endorsement rules and are poised to become a big player in the upcoming elections.” 

No Time to Revisit Those RINO Retreads

Christopher G. Adamo,

People want a gov't that protects the sovereignty of our nation & its borders. This could cripple the disease of liberalism. If properly motivated, the people will unite and carry a worthy candidate to victory. This is not the time for hapless political reruns of the disappointments of past seasons.

Ex-Rep Tiahrt Challenges Incumbent He Once Endorsed

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

Former Repub. Rep. Todd Tiahrt wants back what was once his, the Kansas 4th Congressional seat, from the man he turned it over to. Tiahrt announced that he is challenging Rep. Mike Pompeo. 

Three Key Endorsements for June GOP Primaries

Here are three June primaries where conservatives can back candidates who will tip the scales in favor of constitutional government and really make a difference: Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi GOP Senate primary on June 3, Sheri Few in the South Carolina Superintendent of Education primary on June 10 and Sam Clovis in the Iowa GOP Senate primary on June 3.

Boehner’s Pals Plot TEA Party Crackdown

Jake Sherman, Politico

A group of Boehner's closest allies, including fellow OH GOP like Pat Tiberi, are discussing tactics such as trying to change GOP Conference rules to punish Reps who don't support the party’s nominee during a floor vote. Boehner’s pals already stripped some R's of their committee assignments for straying too far.

Is It Ted Cruz's Texas Now?

Jessica Taylor, The Hill

Cruz's influence was felt up & down the GOP primary ballot in TX. The only candidate Cruz endorsed won, while incumbents he ignored were defeated. The upstart candidates who beat David Dewhurst & Ralph Hall appealed to conservatives who see Cruz as a hero.

Karl Rove, Other GOP-E Butt in CA Guv Race, Too

West Coast Patriette, Red State

In a bizarre attempt to maintain control of the GOP in CA, Karl Rove’s hubris is beginning to take on almost paranoid features as he insists that if the Tea Party favorite Tim Donnelly wins the gubernatorial primary, it will tarnish all R's everywhere.

Congressman Rob Hurt's Pyrrhic Victory

Our friend Jeffrey E. Knight tells the sordid truth behind a nasty intra-party rift created at the Virginia Fifth District Republican Convention by the Establishment's Rep. Robert Hurt. It's a full-on assault against conservatives.

Eric Cantor: Lies and Hypocrisy on Amnesty

It's time to reject the lies and hypocrisy on amnesty for illegal aliens coming from Eric Cantor and other establishment Republican “leaders.”

It's the Primaries, Stupid! Incumbent TX GOP Rep. Ralph Hall Defeated

John Ratcliffe's victory in the TX-4 runoff marks the first triumph for conservatives over an incumbent Republican lawmaker this year.

Five Big Things The Tea Party Has Gotten Right

W. James Antle III, Daily Caller

Even Antle, who's not a TEA Party fan, has to admit that while the TEA Party may not have won last night, it's making big strides in reforming the way Republicans operate.