GOP platform

What really happened with the GOP platform and Russia

Byron York, Washington Examiner

During the 2016 Republican convention, the story goes, the Trump campaign weakened a critical passage in the GOP platform to go easy on Russia. The Trump team acted, according to this narrative, as part of an ongoing conspiracy with Russian President Vladimir Putin to help Donald Trump win the White House. But that is not what happened. In fact, an already-tough portion of the Republican platform dealing with Russia was strengthened, not weakened, at the GOP convention.

Social conservatives win on GOP platform

Bernie Becker, Politico

Some say the 2016 GOP platform is the most conservative one yet. Marjorie Dannenfelser of Susan B. Anthony List noted that the platform now calls for defunding Planned Parenthood and codifying the Hyde Amendment, which bars the use of certain federal funds for abortion, as part of what the group called the “strongest pro-life platform in the Republican Party’s history.”

Five things to watch for in GOP platform, rules meetings

Jonathan Easley, The Hill

Scores of GOP party leaders and delegates are descending on Cleveland this week to hammer out the party’s platform a week before Donald Trump is named the Republican presidential nominee. Opponents of the unconventional candidate will also be making a last-ditch effort to deny Trump the crown, or to at least loudly highlight opposition to him within the party.

RNC official: We won’t go full Trump on party platform

Jonathan Swan, The Hill

Ben Key, the RNC platform committee’s executive director, offered the assurance during a meeting at the organization’s headquarters on Capitol Hill, according to two sources in the room. “Ben said that as the presumptive nominee, Trump would have some influence on the platform, but it wouldn’t be determinative,” said the first source who attended the meeting.

Looking at the 2016 GOP Platform

John Hayward, Red State

Political elites have convinced us to settle for less, but the GOP should be about striving for more.