George W. Bush

Bushie Gets Ignorant on TeaParty

Jen Kuznicki,

Michael Gerson, Bush speechwriter and man of questionable character, wrote in WaPo that the tea party is an ideological faction at odds with real conservatism. This guy wouldn’t know conservatism if it bit him.

Silence From Anti-War Celebs

L. Brent Bozell III, GOP USA

What Obama wants right now from his leftist base is support or at least silence on Syria -- and his friends in Hollywood have sycophantically obliged.

Lessons of 9/11 Lost in Political Correctness

America is full of men and women who have broad shoulders and stout hearts, but they are not in ascendancy today. Our nation is run by the kind of people who will search an octogenarian from Minnesota before she boards a plane, but will allow the likes of Major Nidal Hassan to shield his evil with a whisper-thin patina of faith.

Repubs. Caving on Syria?

Ben Shapiro,

Repubs support the Syrian conflict out of the blind belief that Obama will use authority granted him to magically transform into George W. Bush.

Bombing Muslims Won't Stop al-Qaeda

Patrick Buchanan, American Conservative

Bush's war resulted in what war opponents had predicted: an al-Qaeda that has grown and is now “on steroids.”

Former Dubya Aide Eyes NY House Seat

Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller

Elise Stefanik, who worked for GW Bush, Pawlenty, and Romney, wants to unseat Rep. Bill Owens (D-NY-21). Owens won re-election by only 2%.

Let Neo Cons Tell Us What To Think? No Thanks Mr. Tobin

Can you violate the Constitution to save it, or save the Union? Lincoln decided he could and he must. Can presidents today violate the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth and the Ninth Amendments, as well as a variety of statues to fight a “war on terror?” Apparently, Jonathan S. Tobin, Senior Online Editor of Commentary magazine thinks presidents can and should.

Shirley Banister: Conservative PR Dynamo

Krissah Thompson, Washington Post

Shirley and Banister say they are determined to keep the anti-establishment message churning.

Jeb Bush Admires … Hillary Clinton?

Emily Goodin, The Hill

Jeb Bush will present Clinton with the 2013 Liberty Medal. We’re just as confused as you are.

O Borrows From Bush Iraq Playbook

Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk

Obama plans to send weapons to Syrian rebels -- al-Qaeda fighters. See the Bush War irony?

Iraq Shows Folly of Interventionism

Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk

The recent violence and bloodshed in Iraq proves that intervening usually carries bad consequences.