George Will

George Will Strikes Out by Attacking National Conservatism

Emile A. Doak, The American Conservative

Conservatism is not an ideology. It’s a disposition. A conservative disposition is “the most natural political tendency, rooted in man’s taste for the familiar, for family, for faith in God.” It’s no wonder that Russell Kirk, a principal architect of American conservative politics, spoke so often of the permanent things. Those permanent things—faith, family, culture, country; the “elements in the human condition that give us our nature”—are the principles that must guide a conservative politics. Policy should seek to promote them, not vice versa. To the extent that Donald Trump can reorient our policy to serve those ends, he is the truly principled conservative.

George Will Is Down and Out

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator

George Will, the columnist who long ago won a Pulitzer Prize, finally went to pieces and ordered his readers to vote Democratic this fall. George was not ordering his readers to vote for the Democratic Party of Adlai Stevenson or Bob and John Kennedy or even Hubert Humphrey. He was ordering them to vote for the party that looks to the sore loser, Hillary Clinton, and the socialist, Bernie Sanders. I have, through the years, speculated that George suffers from what I call “writer’s hysteria,” wherein the patient temporarily “loses control of his literary tools and of his mind.” This happens to George increasingly.

George Will scorns Pence for the high crime of decency

William J. Bennett, Fox News

What is evident from George Will’s splenetic attack on Pence is just how far the “Never Trump” movement is willing to go to achieve its main goal of … well, what is the goal now, 16 months after President Trump’s inauguration? Make voters wish they hadn’t supported Trump so they could have avoided the overwhelming barrage of mordant if ultimately toothless hand-wringing from the pundit class? All this would be laughable were it not for the ultimate consequences of such malevolent backbiting: a return to power of the liberal establishment.

George Will to Emcee 2016 Bradley Prizes Gala

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation announced today that Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George F. Will will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the 2016 Bradley Prizes.  The thirteenth annual awards gala ceremony will be held at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on Wednesday, June 15, 2016.

George Will: Scott Walker Has ‘Bridged The Gap’ Between GOP Factions

Al Weaver, Daily Caller

Appearing on “The Laura Ingraham Show” Monday morning, syndicated columnist George Will talked up the Wisconsin governor, telling Ingraham that Walker is “a pure Reaganite” and one of the few candidates that can truly hobnob with the GOP donor class and compete with Bush in that arena.

George Will: 'Gov't Is Not Competent'

Al Weaver, Daily Caller

George F. Will said that "government is not competent," and asked "what isn't [the government] job these days? "Government is not competent. Frankly it's not competent under Repubs. or Dems.

GWill: Sen. Dems Extremism Against Free Speech

George F. Will, Washington Post

Forty-eight members of the Dem. caucus attempted to do something never previously done: Amend the Bill of Rights. They tried to radically shrink 1st Amend. protection of political speech. They evidently think extremism in defense of the political class’s convenience is no vice.

IRS Abuses Civil Forfeiture Law

George F. Will, NewsMax

Civil forfeiture proceeds on the guilty-until-proven-innocent principle, forcing property owners of limited means to hire lawyers and engage in protracted proceedings against a government with limitless resources, just to prove their innocence.

George Will: Tea Party ‘More Of A Force Than Ever’

Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller

George Will says the tea party remains a “huge force” within the Republican Party. Calling himself “very pro-tea party,” Will argued that “in some ways” the tea party is “more of a force than ever.” 

George Will Is With the TEA Party on Common Core

Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller

“It’s driven in no small measure by funding and encouragement from the Department of Education, which should go away. It inevitably – inevitably – will drive curriculum.”

George Will to CPAC: Democrats in 2016!

Joel B. Pollack, Breitbart

Conservative columnist and Fox News contributor George Will touted the benefits of divided government in his remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thurs. 

Will: O Knows He Has Media Covering for Him on IRS

Brent Baker,

George Will zinged the media’s duplicity in how they have approached the IRS scandal versus past major scandals when a Repub. was President, a lack of interest Obama recognizes and, “hence, his sense of weariness and boredom as he discussed this with Bill O’Reilly.”

Will de Blasio Help Conservatism?

Noel Sheppard,

Commenting on new NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), Will said, "[T]here's nothing better for American conservatism than periodic examples of untrammeled liberalism...I give him three years and people will be begging for a return to something else."

End Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

George Will, Newsmax

The policy of mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses has empowered the government to effectively nullify the constitutional right to a trial.

New Amer. Entitlement: Never Be Offended

Real Clear Politics Staff

George F. Will addressed the plague of modern political correctness, saying "The new biggest American entitlement is the entitlement to go through life without being offended. People think they have a right not to have their feelings hurt, not to have their sensibilities in any way exacerbated." 

Will's Dire Concern for Obamacare in 2014

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze

“100 million people get their insurance from Medicare and Medicaid, 171 million get it from their employers,” George Will said. “Watch the employers... if they start dumping people into Medicare and into Medicaid, and the doctors will likely say they can no longer see Medicaid patients, then all hell is going to break loose.”

W. House Press Room=3rd Legis. Chamber

Right Scoop Staff

George Will points out that Obama is using the White House press room to illegally rewrite laws, something that can only be done by Congress.

The Betrayal of Ken Cuccinelli

The betrayal of Ken Cuccinelli by the Republican establishment and many of Virginia’s nominally Republican business community leaders is reflective of the precedent the Republican establishment set in their treatment of Barry Goldwater. When an establishment Republican gains a nomination for office the Republican leadership demands that conservatives close ranks with establishment Republicans and support the nominee. However, when a conservative gains a nomination, establishment Republicans are, without consequence, free to criticize the nominee and to do everything they can to undercut the conservative’s campaign.

Did R's Get Their Way on OCare?

George Will, Human Events

Will's article is wincingly negative against Cruz conservatives, but he has a good point: R's should let time Repubs can let time destroy OCare and give Dems a ruinous opportunity to insist upon unpopular things.