Gov Scott Walker

Lesson for Scott Walker: If You Want The Focus On Your Policies Don’t Invite Rudy To Your Speech

Can Scott Walker beat Jeb Bush in the primaries and win against Hillary in the fall? Our friend Larry Kudlow says it is now a matter of whether he can develop from a tough state-union buster to a national politician who can modernize Reagan's policies while maintaining the Gipper's upbeat message of optimism and growth. And it looks like last week Gov. Walker got one important lesson in that process: If you want the focus to be on you and your policies, don’t invite Rudy to your speech.

The Hazing of Scott Walker

James Taranto, The Wall Street Journal

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, who since 2010 has won more elections as governor than any other Republican in America, has been making noises of late about running for president next year. Yesterday it became clear that the media regard him as a serious candidate, for a reporter asked him an unserious question. 

In 2016 GOP primary race, Scott Walker is eating Chris Christie's lunch

Paul Mulshine, The (New Jersey) Star Ledger

The first contest in the race for the 2016 nomination will be in Iowa. Of late, our Governor Christie has been flying there just about every week. But Scott Walker doesn't have to fly to Iowa. He can drive. It's only 90 miles away. So it's no surprise that Walker is leading the polls for the Iowa caucuses. Christie's way back in the pack.