Greta Van Susteren

Hillary Clinton’s New Classified Email Revelation

Fox News’ award winning chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge observed in an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s “On the Record” that the email exchange was almost office gossip in nature. Which begs the question what kind of judgement was Clinton exercising in gossiping about classified information via email hosted on her unsecured server?

Greta Starts Out Right Ends Up Wrong On GOP Iran Letter

Greta got it wrong last night when Alaska’s newly elected Senator Dan Sullivan appeared on her FOX News program to explain why he and some 46 other members of the Senate wrote an open letter to Iran's leaders stating that any nuclear deal needs congressional approval in order to last beyond President Obama's term.

Why Are Some So Vicious Toward Tea Party?

Fox News Staff

"They don't have to agree with the Tea Party. No one is forcing them. But have they ever met these working Americans? They don't like big government. But that's not a crime. That is protected political thought, the First Amendment."

Palin: Those Offended by Robertson's Words are Offended by Bible

Right Scoop Staff

Sarah Palin pointed out that Robertson was quoting the Bible in response to a question about homosexuality and those offended by what he said were offended by the Bible.

Tea Party Farmer: IRS Audited Me

Greta Van Susteren, Fox News

A VA farmer was harassed by county gov't and then improperly targeted by the IRS because of her politics.