Hillary Clinton

The New Puritans vs. Trump's Revolutionary Conservatives

The 2016 presidential election has pitted the Revolutionary Conservatives inspired by Phyllis Schlafly's "A Choice Not An Echo" against individuals inspired by 19th century preacher Charles H. Spurgeon, until the rift is healed conservatism is in danger of becoming politically irrelevant.

Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Intent

In a column for The American Thinker, “Hillary’s Email Testimony, Powell’s Facts and Mens Rea” our colleague attorney Mark J. Fitzgibbons analyzes Colin Powell’s role in Mrs. Clinton’s “story” of how she came to use her notorious private email server and finds further evidence of Clinton’s criminal intent.

What Trump’s Foreign Policy Gets Right

John Bolton, Wall Street Journal

National security should be central to the 2016 presidential contest. Mr. Trump’s speech is a serious contribution to that end. He needs to maintain his focus and discipline, and by so doing compel Mrs. Clinton to defend her intention to continue President Obama’s failed polices.

It ain't over till it's over

Patrick J. Buchanan, WND.com

Trump believes populism and nationalism are the future of America, and wants to keep saying so. Nor is this stance inconsistent with recapturing the ground lost in the weeks since he was running even with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Told FBI That Colin Powell Recommended She Use Personal Email

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

Clinton has not publicly named Powell as the person who recommended that she use a personal email account for State Department business. She has, however, pointed to his use of a personal email account in order to provide cover for her own email habits — habits which FBI director James Comey has called “extremely careless.”

‘Ready For Hillary’ Coming To A Prison Near You?

Dan Spencer, RedState

Is the "Ready for Hillary" sign gracing the grounds of North Carolina's largest prison for women just an unintentionally humorous choice of location by an unthinking Clinton supporter? Or has someone hit upon an imaginative new way to make the point that Hillary Clinton belongs in The Big House rather than The White House?

Telling the Truth About Islam Gets the Cops Called on Professor Ryan Mauro

In the upside-down world of Obama’s America, a scholar specializing in Islamist terrorism and an organization that specializes in analyzing and writing about terrorism and civilization jihad, and that has concerned Muslims on its board, is claimed to be "Islamophobic" and worthy of police investigation for telling the truth.

Trump Beginning To Meet Viguerie’s Foolproof Test

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
“Who you walk with tells me a lot about who you are” is an aphorism that I have long applied as a foolproof test of whether a candidate or elected official is going to govern as a conservative. This might be seen as a companion or corollary to another one of my favorite rules of politics – personnel is policy.

Where’s the Letter from Democratic Security Officials Opposing Hillary?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Hillary Clinton is a fixture of the foreign policy establishment and thus is considered exempt from being judged empirically on her serial deceit and her disastrous foreign-policy record. In the world of elite Washington, crude bluster from an uncouth outsider like Trump is deemed more hazardous than the prevarication, dishonesty, and incompetence of a familiar insider.

Donald Trump: Forgotten America's Law and Order Candidate

"The main victims of these riots are law-abiding African-American citizens living in these neighborhoods. It is their jobs, their homes, their schools and communities which will suffer as a result." The truth of Trump’s analysis is so obvious that it was even recognized by the rioters.

Christians in Hillary's Crosshairs

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Underpinning Hillary Clinton’s political philosophy is a coercive secularism that eliminates conservative Christians from public life. Should she win, she will not only force Christians to pay for contraceptives but also abortions. She will treat their schools and churches as the equivalent of Bob Jones University. She will court-martial chaplains and soldiers who don’t submit to her LGBT agenda.

Trump’s Attacks On Clinton’s ‘Stamina’ Are Obvious, Not Dog Whistles

Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

There is a disturbing pattern of the media doing everything in its power to avoid discussions about U.S. foreign policy, particularly as it relates to Islamist terrorism. Perhaps spending less time hearing dog whistles and more time just noting the different foreign policy approaches of these two presidential candidates is in order. This speech provides just that opportunity.

Trump: 'We reject the bigotry' of Clinton

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

Trump claimed during his speech in West Bend, Wis., that Democrats have "done nothing in return" for the votes of African-Americans. "They’ve taken advantage of the African-American citizen," Trump said. "It’s time to give the Democrats some competition for these votes and it’s time to rebuild the inner cities of America and reject the failed, rigged system.

Mook spooked: Clinton fundraising falling short, 'should be crushing' it

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner

The Clinton campaign is raising red flags over depressed Democratic fundraising, telling supporters that when they should be "crushing" Donald Trump with donations, checks flowing into the campaign are behind projections.

Clinton will preserve status quo for us, Washington insiders say

Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders caused a political earthquake in the past 12 months, but Washington insiders aren't feeling at all rattled, because they have Hillary Clinton there to preserve the status quo. That's the big picture painted by the Washington Examiner/Echelon Influential Insights poll of 400 Washington insiders.