Hillary Clinton

The Fourth of July Doesn’t Work on Democrats

Researchers at Harvard University found that celebrating the July 4th holiday commemorating the announcement of the Declaration of Independence may still be serving its intended purpose – promoting patriotism -- and the good news is it only seems to work on Republicans.

Cruz Nails Obama Willful Blindness To Muslim Terrorism And Its Goals

As our friend Frank Gaffney put it so memorably after Senator Ted Cruz's stellar questioning of DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, “The U.S. government is, indeed, ‘willfully blind’ about sharia-supremacism and the danger it poses to America.  Sen. Ted Cruz has established that Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson could qualify for a seeing-eye dog – and why… These are the narratives of the Muslim Brotherhood – and proof-positive of their successful, subversive influence operations inside the Obama administration.”

Presidential Horse Race 2016: When does opposing Donald Trump become a moral issue?

Q for #NeverTrump: Are you really willing to effectively extinguish the lives of millions of unborn Americans because your pride prevents you from backing a man like Donald Trump? Plus, Mitt Romney says his family wanted him to run again, but he couldn’t put them through it; Some members of BushWorld’s embrace of Hillary suggests the end of #NeverTrump is near, and, Eric Trump says his dad is really just all about America.

Email story won't end for Clinton

Julian Hattem, The Hill

The FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email is this election’s never-ending story. Just weeks before the Democratic National Convention, the FBI has yet to issue a report on its findings.With Benghazi now largely in Clinton’s rear-view mirror, the question of whether the FBI could ever indict her over use of a private email server may be the only potential deathblow left for her campaign.

Why Did Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch Meet On Her Airplane In Phoenix This Week?

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton for a half-hour on her government airplane at the Phoenix airport on Tuesday, an Arizona news station is reporting. The Obama appointee told the TV station that she and Clinton did not discuss the investigation or any other government business. Instead, she says they talked about Clinton’s grandchildren and golf.

Muslim Terrorism In America: See Something, Say Nothing

Our friend Philip B. Haney yesterday testified before Senator Ted Cruz’s Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts to explain just how deeply the Obama administration has been penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Haney is the author of the must-read book See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government's Submission to Jihad that we strongly recommend to CHQ readers.

If the Media Did Not Lean Left, This Would Be The Lead Story Today

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

The real story, if there were any real journalists left in America, is that President Obama had his national security and state department staff lie to the press and public about Benghazi because he was fifty days from re-election.

What Made The Washington Post Finally Doubt Hillary Clinton’s Email Lies?

streiff, RedState

These emails are work-related emails. Keep in mind, Clinton has claimed on myriad occasions that she has given all of her work related emails to State as required by law. This leads to the Washington Post concluding Hillary Clinton's email story gets harder and harder to believe. Really. What was your first clue?

Fact: Ryan And Obama Are Importing Muslim Terrorism

Out of 580 individuals convicted on terrorism or terrorism-related offenses between September 11, 2001 and December 31, 2014 at least 380 of them were foreign born, and there's only one man responsible for keeping this existential threat to your safety and quality of life alive, and that's Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. We urge you to call Speaker Ryan’s office, the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044, tell Speaker Ryan that you will hold him personally responsible for the next jihadi attack on our country.

Voters Want Change; Clinton Asks for 4 More Years

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

If Hillary pulls off this election it will be one of the greatest sales jobs in political history. She is selling the American voters sand in the desert: stay the course economic bromides at a time when two out of three voters say that the United States is on the wrong, not the right track.

Why Hillary Clinton Should Worry About Brexit

Josh Kraushaar, National Journal

Trump made an effective anti-elitist case against Clinton in a speech last week. He charged that insiders like Clinton “wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power and in the money.” It’s a stinging indictment that goes after her biggest weakness. His problem is that he’s unable to sustain the argument on his own without a teleprompter.

Promises, Promises and the Knowing Voter

J.T. Young, American Spectator

What presidential voters are looking for — especially in this election — are the candidates’ policy directions. In America’s two-party system, there is generally a decided difference in the candidates’ approaches. So while the media may hang on the words of every promise, voters only need to discern their preferred of two directions.

Hillary Clinton: An insider in the year of the outsider

Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner

In an election year marked by frustration with the political elite, Clinton's insider ability to evade the press, law enforcement agents, an inspector general inquiry and several congressional probes has been thrown into sharp relief by Trump's outsider aggressive tack. It reinforces the notion that the Washington elite are afforded protection that others don't get.

Campaigns Gear Up for July Conventions

Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics

For now, the candidates’ schedules are thin, as the campaigns will likely focus on fundraising, vetting vice presidential candidates, hiring additional staff, and planning programming for the conventions. This week, both candidates could have key moments.

Has Trump Found the Formula?

Patrick J. Buchanan, BernardGoldberg.com

While making the case for the indictment of Hillary Clinton, Trump also outlined an agenda with appeal not only to nationalists, populists and conservatives but working-class and minority Democrats. Rough and raw as it was in parts, Donald Trump’s speech on Wednesday contains the elements of a campaign that can win.

The overlooked substance in Donald Trump's speech

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Trump included actual substance in the speech — new policy proposals and promises — that escaped many observers. In a series of pledges to take action in his first 100 days as president, Trump said he would move on trade, business regulation, energy, and several other topics.