Hillary Clinton

Clinton leads Trump by 13 points nationally

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump, by 13 points nationally, according to a poll released early Wednesday. Clinton leads Trump, 54 to 41 percent, in the CNN/ORC poll completed ahead of Trump's victory in Indiana on Tuesday night, which secured his title as the presumptive GOP nominee.

Indiana Republicans hand Hillary Clinton the White House

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

Already Trump supporters are setting the stage for Trump’s defeat in November, blaming those of us who have declared ourselves “never Trump” for his loss. But Trump’s loss will be squarely on him and those who chose to support him while ignoring the overwhelming evidence that the American public would reject him.

Indiana GOP Primary: Cruz is the Best Candidate to Beat Hillary

The most important choice voters will make in the Indiana Republican Primary is “who can beat Hillary Clinton in November?” For those who don’t believe that Donald Trump’s vulgar, crass and demeaning comments about women won’t be a crippling burden in a campaign against Hillary Clinton we invite you to view this video of a commercial being run by Democrat Conner Eldridge in the Arkansas Senate race against incumbent Republican John Boozman.

Has Donald Trump Read The Republican Platform?

On day one of his campaign Donald Trump sounded like a candidate who wanted to reconstitute the Reagan's “three-legged stool” based on “fiscal, social and sovereignty issues.” However, since those first heady weeks almost everything Trump has said has taken him further and further from those early commitments, especially on the social and cultural issues.

Trump predicts whether Clinton will be indicted

Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner

Donald Trump predicted fellow presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will not be indicted by the FBI for using a personal email server while secretary of state. The New York businessman told Fox News late Wednesday he believes the Democratic Party will protect the front-runner from the federal agency.

Ted Cruz Is Right – America Is At A Point Of Choosing

What’s at stake in this election is not just who will occupy the Oval Office, but what governing principles will be operative in America for the next generation. Cruz’s succinct formulation is that our goals as a government and as a conservative movement should be jobs, freedom, and security. This is about as tight a statement of the goals and credo of the winning 21st century conservative coalition that the English language will allow.

Wolf Blitzer tells Clinton, Sanders to stop 'screaming at each other'

Eliza Collins, Politico

During Thursday night’s Democrat debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders went at it over raising the minimum wage, getting so heated that Wolf Blitzer begged them to stop talking over each other.