Hillary Clinton

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Trump family pledges allegiance to The Donald at CNN Town Hall

Donald Trump appeared with his family on Tuesday night’s CNN Town Hall, revealing a different side of the Donald. Plus, Democrat hack says he’s got the dirt on Donald Trump, should we believe him?; With Kasich, another case of ‘what did you expect him to say?’, and, Paul Ryan says he won’t be the GOP’s “white knight”. Does that leave Rubio as the establishment’s last hope?

Yes, Hillary Clinton Will Take Your Guns

Here's why Mrs. Clinton is so dangerous. It’s not that she has the policy on firearms ownership wrong or that her assessment of human nature is softheaded. She has the policy exactly right – if you want to impose despotism on America – and she and her supporters on the Far-Left understand that for them to take power permanently you must be disarmed.

Can Trump really win it?

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

The closer Donald Trump gets to the Republican presidential nomination, the worse his position in the general election appears. His unfavorable ratings are spiking, he is collapsing among female voters and he is unpopular with the young people and minorities who twice helped elect Barack Obama president.

How Ted Cruz could capture the presidency

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

At the end of the day, Cruz is intelligent, a disciplined campaigner and a skilled debater. He has a chance to reach out to more voters through his vice-presidential pick. He can exploit Clinton's many weaknesses.

Morton Blackwell for Virginia Republican National Committeeman

At what could be a contentious open Republican National Convention, where no candidate has a majority of the delegates when the convention opens, Morton Blackwell’s expertise on the Rules of the Republican Party, his record of working to empower the grassroots and his commitment to fairness and civility will be a much needed anchor to assure that Republicans leave their National Convention united and ready to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Behold the wood of the Cross…

Where is the pushback on Mrs. Clinton’s publicly announced plan that, if elected, she will lead her administration in a war on Christianity and Christian practices? The deafening silence from religious leaders is indicative of a problem we face throughout today’s body politic, and especially in the conservative movement, and that is a lack of moral courage in the face of pressure from those who seek to destroy our culture, the rule of law, and our liberty.

Part 2: What Should Conservatives Do if Trump Wins the Republican Nomination?

What we see on the part of the Republican establishment is not an effort to deliver the nomination to Senator Ted Cruz, but an effort to create a chaotic situation in which no outsider has a majority, thereby delivering to the Washington Cartel’s powerbrokers and insiders the ability to choose the nominee at the Republican National Convention. If that happens, then conservatives will have to face the reality of working with Donald Trump or opposing him at the GOP Convention.